Sunday, February 26, 2012

Homicide- Mechanized Torments album review


                  Explosive, dominating, crushing skull type music is what you'll get when it comes to Mechanized Torments by the masters of Chilean death metal known as Homicide! This album is full of sick growls and screams, pounding rhythms, killer solos, and killer beatings on the drums that will leave you decapitated. Vocals that remind me of early Morbid Angel and along the lines of Deicide. Starting the 1st song Fork of Heresy is a clip from Bela Lugosi, and the opening scream and growl will give you goosebumps. If it doesn't, then something must be wrong with you. This album is full of surprises and full of extreme talent and energy that makes me want to get in the pit and shred up some bodies! Amazing production, and you can't go wrong with this new release by them. This album will leave you soulless and take your breath away from how sick the band has gotten! Full of crushing brutality. I recommend this to fans of ALL death metal and any type of metal that would love to hear something new. 5/5 star rating goes out to these amazing musicians!!!


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