Friday, December 28, 2012


When you listen to this album, it will engulf you and smash your head into a wall, repeatedly. That's what this band did to me, and made me want to boogie a little. This 4 piece band is badass, brutal & most of all...VERY creative. Awesome songwriting, killer vocals and great sounding guitars and bass. The drummer shows in his skills that not all thrash/death metal bands need to have blast beats. Vermin, coming all the way from Beyruth Germany with their debut entitled Paradise will prove to the world of their kick ass talent. You won't hear any clean vocals in this band, but the mid range screams are very impressive. Vermin can shred you a new asshole if you don't watch it, so if you don't own fucking should! Brace yourselves as this is their debut, and for being just that...this is an album and band to look out for. With small spots with clean guitar sounds, and phenomenal leads, this band really has it going for them. If you don't own the album Paradise, it's a must have for your collection. Trust me, I wouldn't bullshit about a band that has super awesome talent such as Vermin. So far, I've listened to this album a total of 12 times, and each time I listen to it, it just gets better. I am certain that this band will rise to always get better in their journey with music. For being their debut album, Paradise deserves a 5/5 stars just by how they are capable and knowing how to compose songs that are catchy, brutal and most of all...VERY impressive. Below, I posted the video for the song Empty Eyes. That is the 3rd track on Paradise. So, if you don't own this by better try to find a way and get it. This German band will surprise you with pinched harmonics and Pentatonic scales and many other things that will make the headbanging start and then stop and so on so forth. Also, may I include that when I introduce to my brother new music that is in the metal world, 95% of the time I'm told to turn it off, but in this instance...he actually liked it a lot. Too bad he won't be contributing to this review like I had thought he might, but maybe some other time.  To me, this is a strong combination of thrash metal, death metal and a bit of classic rock with a small pinch of funk. Well, that's it this time you headbanging metal fans, keep it real, keep it metal and most of all...KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:
1) Paradise
2) While You Were Dead
3) Empty Eyes
4) Impact
5) Mourning Sun
6) Frozen Mirror
7) Public Violation
8) Forsake
9) Spread Your Wings
10) Screams


Bodi- Vocals
Stephan Hurtig- Gutiars
Simon "Bobo" Reuter- Bass
Manuel Herz- Drums

Play this song LOUD!!!! \m/-_-\m/

Monday, December 10, 2012


Coming from Tasmania Australia is a devastatingly heavy and brutal slamming death metal band known as Gape. This 5 piece will shut you the fuck up if you get out of line. Reminding me of early Lividity, Lust of Decay, Lord Gore and Abominable Putridity. Whoever thought that a band this killer would share the same stage with the technical death metal band Psycroptic..well go figure, they're both from Australia. More power to them!! From slamming breakdowns that crush your bones to killer grooves that will rip you to shreds. Vocals that remind me of a better sounding Chris Barnes that are deep guttural growls along with some awesome sounding gurgles, drums that are fierce and wicked, and the bass is totally killer with amazing sound. I want to meet this band, along with whoever produced their debut. Some of the intros that they have, from random stuff is VERY humorous, that is if you have a sick sense of humor like I do. I can only understand a small portion of the lyrics, and get this! There are NO LYRICS INCLUDED. That makes this band a must have, and yeah...they are damn sick! By far one of the best NEW bands I've discovered. Filled with torture, debauchery and twisted perversions, this band has it going on for them. For the cover art being of an oversized vagina with dead victims laying around it..probably from an unbearable stench...who the fuck knows? Ha ha, it's just their luck, right? I mean for real people, open your orifices and indulge in some grotesque and disturbing and greatly talented band known as Gape. They get a 5/5 stars from me, just based on everything that they do. Before I forget, they do a killer cover of the song Big Balls. I can't find a favorite song...they're ALL GOOD. Keep metal alive forever, keep it REAL, keep it SICK, keep it BRUTAL...and most of all you metalheads, KEEP THOSE FUCKING HORNS UP!!!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

1. Sperm Log
2. Shit Swapping Sluts
3. Raped In the Dick Hole
4. Cornhole Madness
5. Gape Rape
6. Penis Diddy
7. War Machine
8. Big Balls



Rick Ring- Vocals
Rod McAllister- Bass
Tim Ikin- Guitar
Sam Bryant- Guitar
Patrick Neumayer- Drums

Here is a song off the album called Cornhole Madness:
PLAY IT LOUD...and if it's not loud enough......................PLAY IT LOUDER!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Technical death metal...what bands come to your mind when you hear or see those words? Well for a band named Konkeror, I'm finding them to be just as good as Obscura, Necrophagist & Nile to name a few. Konkeror sounds like a strong combination of technical death metal and black metal. The vocals sound like Peter from Vader in some spots. They are melodic and crushingly brutal like Behemoth, Vader and many others. The riffs and beats are superb and steady. This band will knock you out like a Golden Glove champion boxer!!! In the second song "Towers," you'll hear a reverse sweep during the beginning. A band this good should be signed. However, I know I rarely mention anything about cover art, but in this instance I will. Konkeror's cover art is uniquely beautiful with how its portrayed to be. The Abysmal Horizons for being their debut album takes the icing and puts it on the cake for you. Filled with ambient interludes, strong quality production and most of all, awesome skilled songwriting and structures. I'm a firm believer that this Michigan based band, Konkeror will rise to always put you in checkmate. So far, I've spinned this disc a total of 11 times. This band FUCKING SHREDS!!!!! BE sure to like them on facebook. You'll really be glad that you did. This debut deserves a 5/5 stars for fucking sure!!!! Below is the track listing for the album, The Abysmal Horizons and the members info and also their official facebook page. Remember metalheads; keep it real, keep it sick, keep it brutal and most of all keep THOSE MOTHER FUCKING HORNS UP!!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing

I, Monolithic
Beyond the Abysmal Horizons
Usurpers of the Primal Womb
The Pillars of Creation
...And the Cosms Flow Eternal


Eric Zwicker- Guitar
Jacob Platter- Guitar
Jeff Beauchamp- Vocals/Bass
Tobias Dennis- Drums



This is the first track off of Konkeror's debut called "I, Monolithic." Enjoy it and play it LOUD!!!!