Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DEICIDE- TO HELL WITH GOD (album review)

For over 20 years, legendary death metal band Deicide have always been a favorite of mine. Not only this being a brutal album, but I must say that this is the BEST Deicide I've heard since The Stench of Redemption. This album will definitely bash preachers of ALL Christ-like religions heads in. Glen Benton has always been crushing with his vocals. If Satan is real, then Glen must be his henchman. To Hell With God offers the listener 10 Satanic hymns of pure excellence. Faster, sicker, more demonic sounding & far more technical than any Deicide I've ever heard. This album will beat the shit out of you. They defeat Christians every note they play. After spilling your guts, they will watch your body become inflamed. Don't stand in Glens' way or he might crucify you! Ever since I've heard the album LEGION, I've been a HUGE fan of DEICIDE. Delivering ultimate evil & slaughtering Christians is what this album has totally done! Filled with tons of hatred & riffs that will make your heart shatter to leave you lifeless. To Hell With God get a 5/5 stars! You think you know Deicide?! Think the fuck again. This album will annihilate millions for years and will leave you wanting MORE! I'd have to say that this is beyond amazing!