Monday, February 13, 2012


             Fable 2 is an awesome amazing video game for the Xbox 360. Filled with really fun quests like Treasure Island of Doom where you have to get all the treasure, fight and defeat Captain Dread & report back to Salty Jack. You end up earning all the treasure that you had caputred and Captain Dread's sword. That is for 7500 renown. I absolutely cherish this game. I like how the fighing scenes are really wicked sometimes, depending on how many enemies you have to conquer in battle. You can use your pistol, rifle and crossbow if you have them or your melee weapon like a sword or a hammer or anything that you own.  Your dog is cool and helps you find treasure by sniffing out the ground and that's really cool too. I like that feature a lot because I've never played such a wonderful game that is full of excitement and battles and quests, and oh how could I forget the jobs that you can perform in this game. There's a bllacksmith job that helps you get some gamerscore along with the woodcutting job that does the same, but a different amount. There are many trophies you can get by completing the quests that are assigned to you. So far, I have gotten 6 trophies: Thag's head, Crucible trophy, Golden oak leaf, Captain Dread's sword, Broken Spire collar and Dash's goggles! In some situations in this game you can be propositioned by a prostitute and sleep with them, but the screen is black and the sounds are very realistic, but that makes the game a bit funny. Killing gargoyles in this game are a lot fun because you hear them, but where are they? Look around by using your left bumper on your controller and you'll eventually spot them out...once you do, kill them! Fighting in the Crucible is quite brutal considering the fact that you have to go through several rooms in order to get your trophy as a reward at the end of beating each enemy in there. Well, if anything else comes to my mind while I'm playing this game, I will update this from where I left off.

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