Saturday, February 18, 2012


         Having a name like Necrophagist deserves high praise and renown! You can't  dis on them cause of their intense and insane progressive death metal style! By far on my all time favorite metal bands list.  I don't have a favorite in the death metal genre of metal, but from listening to them LIVE is pretty much flawless. Perfectionists? Yeah, you could call them that, but not sure if they'd like being called that. Last time I saw those Germans shred it up was back in 2009 during the Summer Slaughter Tour and I shot 2 videos of them playing two of my favorite songs which are "Foul Body Autopsy" and "Fermented Offal Discharge" as the closing song. I posted my own exclusive footage of Fermented on here to show you the viewer what I was watching, but during the solo I got bumped into and you can hear me clearly yell "Hey!" LOL. This band is NOT a sellout that's for goddamn sure! Listening to this album actually has gotten me hooked on wanting to play my guitar even more so because I can always learn stuff I didn't know I had in me to play! That's an accomplishment all in its own merit. The 3 songs that stuck out in my mind from Epitaph are: Stabwound, Only Ash Remains & Seven. They're all good songs, but those ones were the ones that really got my attention. All in good favor would concur that 2004's Epitaph receives a 5/5 star rating based on talent, technicality, brutal rhythms, melodic leads and a wonderful delight for all metalheads to enjoy. If you don't, then you aint a metalhead!

Evilvengeance666 AKA Al Ditton

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