Saturday, August 18, 2012


This 6 piece band reminds me of a better sounding Gorerotted. Although, Gorerotted is good, don't get me wrong. Banisher has really brutal, shrieking and ear deafening riffs, screams, gutturals, swirling guitars, pummeling blast beats and ripping bass lines. Slaughterhouse is guaranteed to make a death metal fan think and say to oneself "How come I didn't know about this band before?" Well, maybe it's because some people don't talk much about these underground bands. The second track entitled "Unleashing the Fury" is one that will crack anyone up with farting sound effects and a little laughter too. You can clearly hear the bass booming in your ears during the last 45 seconds of this song, and believe me if it didn't sound good to me I would have said something before now about it. There's nothing bad I can really say about Banisher. They leave me chuffed. I strongly suggest and highly recommend this to anyone who likes the bands: Lust of Decay, Lividity, Lord Gore, Gorerotted & Criogenia to name a few. However when it comes to hearing bands like this, I actually feel fascinated by them and must say, wait until you get to the 2:11 part in the third track entitled "Blowjob Queen." I have never in my entire 33 years of existence have heard someone make a guitar scream as if it were a random whore getting raped with scalpels and knives. This album totally deserves a 5/5 stars based on creativity, technicality, humor, sick & brutal songs, and most of all the production on this album was very well planned out. One last thing to add, is that most people who are against death metal are a lot of women in this world, but maybe the fourth song entitled "Brutal Vasectomy" will make them think different about how men are being tortured in a song. That's it for this time metalheads around the globe! This is EVILVENGEANCE666 Creator at Underground Noise and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals & Most Lyrics for Obliterated Soul signing off now. Until next time, keep those horns up!!!!! \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

1) Slaughterhouse
2) Unleashing the Fury
3) Blowjob Queen
4) Brutal Vasectomy
5) Human Sacrifice
6) Induction
7) Seven
8) Massacre In the Main Temple
9) Mario


If you like symphonic death metal/ black metal like the sounds of Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir and early Behemoth, then this band is for you. Considering the fact that I don't listen to much
black metal anymore these days, I found that this album is phenomenal. 6 songs are on The Stranger. Filled with screams and haunting keyboard melodies, fierce drumming, blazing guitars and bass as well.
The Stranger features an awesome short, but sick bass solo in the song "Loneliness and Madness." Some of their music even sounds like some early Cradle of Filth. Very harmonic clean voices are another thing
in this band that you don't hear too much of these days in black metal. Based on how short this is, I got to say that you won't be disappointed if you like this style of music. The remastered version is a much smoother sounding album, than the promo because of the great production on the newer one. As far as a rating goes, I'll give Vekygach a 5/5 based on their musicianship, and catchy riffs. However, if you happen to be disappointed, then that's your own problem. Knowing how I am, I won't care to hear or read about it. Until next time metalheads around the globe, keep the horns up and keep extreme metal alive forever!!! Hails from the underground. This is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off now. \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

1) Landscapes of Oblivion
2) Loneliness and Madness
3) Subdued Wills
4) Desolation
5) The Stranger
6) Diffuse Memories

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Synodik, a kick ass 5 piece progressive death/doom metal band hailing all the way from the land of Italy. Awesome old school sounding growls, horrifying and melodic keyboard use, epic drumbeats, shredding guitars and at times a bit jazzy, very awesome clean vocals at times, amazing solos & bass that has a tone similar to Obscura. This band is currently unsigned and I really recommend them to ANYONE who is new to extreme metal or if you've been a lifelong fan, then CHECK THESE DUDES OUT!!! They'll leave you begging for more. Sequences For A New Matrix has definitely put a huge smile on my face; considering the fact of how amazing this band really is. Talk about crushingly killer talent. So far, I've spinned this disc 4 times since I got it yesterday in the mail. Thank you to Leandro of the band to send me this fine debut. For being a band that is unsigned, I've got to say that they deserve a major 5/5 stars. This band has proved that they have the ability to compose great songs and great music. If you're into bands such as Necrophagist, Obscura, Origin, Hour of Penance, Kataklysm & Fleshgod Apocalypse to name a few, this band will TEAR YOU APART!! All of these songs have beautiful music to them, and prove me if I'm wrong when I say that this is a MUST HAVE ALBUM, I dare y'all!! The 8th song called The Colour of Space reminds me of a Kataklysm type riff in the beginning. I LOVE IT!!! Anyhow, this is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now metalheads, and always KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!!! \m/-_-\m/


Matteo Campanini- Vocals
Leandro Scottio- Lead Guitars, Keyboards
Alessio Serafino- Guitars
Edoardo Delucchi- Drums
Michele Lorefice- Bass

Track Listing:

1) He Came From the Sky
2) Purification From Insanity
3) City of Falling Rain
4) Speak to the Void
5) Sidereal Month
6) Headshot
7) Dehumanized
8) The Colour Out of Space
9) Sequences For A New Matrix

Contact: (Leandro) (Matteo)

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


This band is a little atmospheric, symphonic, brutal & a different breed
of death metal and a bit of doom metal as well from what I can hear in their music. Reminding me of early Lamb of God, Trivium & Soilwork to name a few. This band has a great sound. I would have to say my favorite song off of See is the fifth track called Stupid Manipulator. That one right there is a nut grabber for sure.Whoever produced this EP, did an amazing job. Filled with haunting keyboard sounds and loud slap booming bass, filling your ears with a twisty groove that can make you dance, then pit, then headbang, then pit and dance some more and back and forth. HA HA, but yes. This band is really good. Check them out on their Facebook page for more details. The 2nd Track starts off with an eerie intro, but after a short while it gets heavy again. I can see this band getting more brutal as time goes on. For the See EP, I give it a 5/5 stars based on originality, musicianship, and most of all how all their songs don't sound alike to the average listener of modern pop metal that sounds like Boy George on Methamphetamine. LMAO!! Anyhow, keep those horns up metalheads!!
This is EVILVENGEANCE666 Creator at Underground Noise signing off!  \m/-_-\m/ 

Track Listing:

1) Unnamed
2) Isolated
3) Blind Citizens
4) Human Epitaph
5) Stupid Manipulator
6) No More Fucking Love Songs


Francisco Arenas- Guitars/VocalsDaniel Callejas- Guitars
Oscar Arenas- Bass
Jorge Pinochet- Vocals
Matias Gonzalez- Drums

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here is a band named Masterpiece, hailing all the way from South America in the country of Brazil. The band is a mix of thrash and old school 80s metal. They've been around since 1998 and they're very good. I recommend them if you're really into the thrash metal, so here's the latest interview and enjoy reading it. EVILVENGEANCE666

1) What prompted you to write the music you write?

It was a sequence of facts. I first learned to play acoustic guitar with my father and later my older brother, that does the rhythm guitars and vocals on the band, shown me some metal stuff.

2) How long did it take to make your album?

Well, it was a very fucking hard job lol. That was our first full length and tried to avoid some mistakes we see the other bands doing, but you know when you’re not accustomed with a situation you will probably face some difficulties that you wouldn’t expect. To summarize I think we did a great job in this first album, although we haven’t released the physical format yet, but we did a great work I guess.

3) What song do you find that has been the most difficult to play that you've written?

I think that “Trajectory of Death” is difficult to play, I mean to do those riffs very clean and even the guitar solo is pretty fast… and don’t remember what the hell I was thinking when I wrote that lol

4) Who are your influences?

My personal influences are firstly Eddie Van Halen (because the first solo that made me crazy was one of his solos), Kirk Hammet, Mr. Hetfield and D. Mustaine as a composer I think they were my biggest influence in this way, Dimmebag Darrel, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Steve Ray Vaughan, Brent Mason, and the Brazilian ones Edu Ardanuy, Frank Solari, Andreas Kisser and the list goes on forever hahaha. You can see lots of different kinds of guitar players in that. I think that made me stronger as a musician. 

5) What bands have you been listening to currently?

Just love the older bands! Testament, Exodus, Anthrax these guys have creating awesome stuff and showing the new ones how the things should be. I like Nevermore too and other bends in this style but the older ones are still blowing my mind.

6) Do you have a job or career outside Masterpiece?

I work mainly as a guitar teacher in a music school, but also do free lances in recording studios and supporting local artists.

7) Where has been your favorite place to play LIVE?

I don’t know exactly because I love playing live. Mainly when we have bigger stages, I like to pretend I am a guitar player of Iron Maiden running free along the stage lol

8) Have you had any interviews for the USA before, or is this the first one?

Yes I think, not only for webzines but also web radios. Also in Canada, France and here in Brazil, of course.

9) Do you feel that thrash metal from when it started is better or does it sound better now?

We are very proud for the thrash metal history. It’s epical! But we need to move on, if something does not evolve, it atrophy! And sometimes I think the metal itself is going that way, it stills alive because of our love, but we need to keep growing now!

10) What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in life?

Living for music means everything for me. I couldn’t do it in a different way I guess. But my real goal in life is living for my own music. You know, for now metal can’t brings me all resources I need, but my hope is achieving this one day! Let’s see… 

11) Any last words for Underground Noise?

I just would like to thank you guys for this opportunity and also tell you that our new album is available in the most stores on the internet, just search for “Masterpiece - Heirs of Freedom” at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Emusic, Napster and wherever. You can also contact us via or Twitter @MasterpieceBand. I think these are the easiest ways to find us nowadays. Thank you again and keep rocking guys! \m/

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Omnicide- Global Genocide review

This band reminds me of the early days of thrash metal and speed metal like bands such as Megadeth, Kreator & Sodom musically. This music has a kick ass groove to it. I like the sounds of the
guitars and the drums are very clear and dynamite. I hear a small Obituary influence in it too. Vocally, it reminds me of early Venom & Overkill. I'd have to say, if you don't want to face the pit with
this band playing, then you can get out of the metal community with a kick in the ass by these guys and me too. The song Terrorist Fuck is my favorite on this EP. For being a bit slightly different than most thrash metal bands, Omnicide has its moments for breakdowns, and they are awesome. Also, to mention the fact,the bassist of the band, Francisco Romo has great tone and volume and good settings for whatever bass gear he uses. Overall, Global Genocide deserves a 5/5 stars from me! If you like stuff that I mentioned before, then you definitely gotta hit these guys up on their Facebook page. You keep those horns up everyone!! This is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now. \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

1. Intro: Vision
2. Unfinished Business
3. Terrorist Fuck
4. The Holy Holocaust
5. Tired And Red (Sodom cover)
6. Nuke
7. Starting Armegeddon
8. Second Revolution
9. The Haunted
10. Destructive Death (Bonus)

Current band lineup:Edward Pena: Vox
Jesse Munoz: Rhythm guitar
Francisco Romo: bass guitar\backing vox
Christopher Edwards: Lead guitar
Thomas Gonzalez: Drums

Global Genocide Ep Line-up

Edward Pena: Vox/Guitar
Jesse Munoz: Guitar/bass (terrorist fuck)
Francisco Romo: Bass guitar
David Pacheco: drums (The Haunted)
-All the other tracks, Were used by a sonor drum machine program


Friday, August 3, 2012


                                Lefutray- Last Breath album review

   This 5 piece metalcore band blasts all the way from the land of Chile.
Their sound can best be classified to the likes of Hatebreed, Lamb of God & Sepultura (Earth A.D. era.) The singer has some killer screams, but the high screams are what I didn't like. The music on the other hand, it's killer! I could see a pit form just by the first few riffs off the first track entitled Agreement of Suffering. It's heavy in a lot of spots. The breakdowns sound simple, but then again this band will crush you with a thousand fists to the face. If you like your music that's in a hardcore sound, with a mix of Machine Head versus early Sepultura, then you'll dig these guys. For the record, I'm going to give Last Breath a 4.5/5 stars. I think that Juan Verja should stick with his low screams and avoid the high ones. ONLY because they sound better low. However, I can see this band definitely making it to the top. Also to add, they sound excellent LIVE. I have Last Breath LIVE at the Oxido Bar. That there had shown me what they sound like, but the studio album kicks even MORE ass! Until next time folks, this is EVILVENGEANCE666, creator at Underground Noise signing off. KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!

Juan Verja- Vocals
Cristian Olivares- Guitar
Yonattan Munoz- Drums
Christian Bravo- Bass
Leonardo Gacitur- Guitar

Track Listing:

Agreement of Suffering
Ain't Part of It
I Feed Your Eyes
Rats and Vultures
Through Your Veins
Screaming In Silence