Monday, August 18, 2014


Solace of Requiem will be releasing their newest full length album in 11 days entitled, Casting Ruin. This 3 piece Black/ Death Metal band provides the listener with beyond brutal rhythms and leads. The band has become more progressive and sophisticated in their musical style as evidenced by their intricate, high-tech songwriting expertise. Casting Ruin is a masterpiece from start to finish and will leave you wanting MORE of what SOR has to offer. This band breaks a major barrier that few have dared to cross, proving that they are capable of anything. If someone told you that high voltage was a bad thing, then Solace of Requiem will prove them wrong. The band has also had some great feedback from fans and webzines around the world on previous releases. Casting Ruin WILL crucify, dominate and take over the world like a massive storm of sickness! So get off of your fucking asses and get this killer album when it hits stores! I am giving this album a  9.5/10 stars based on such amazing precision, musicianship and most of all: ORIGINALITY. SO METALHEADS...This is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now and be sure to  KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND METAL, SUPPORT SOLACE OF REQUIEM AND GET THIS ALBUM, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE & MOST OF ALL: KEEP YOUR HORNS HIGH!! \m/-_-\m/


Track Listing:

Defiling The Spectrum
Casting Ruin
Soiling The Fields Of Putridity
Song of Shards
Wading Into Mire
Eroded Absolution
Heaving Bile And Ash
Pools of Ablation


Jeff Sumrell- Bass/Vocals
Richard Gulczynski- Guitars
Dave Tedesco- Drums



Saturday, August 9, 2014


Earlier today I had felt to do a random search for shits and giggles on Google for results on Underground Noise Facebook, and the first one that happened to pop up was mine. I am totally in awe about it. Not to brag, but this is awesome. I had never thought I'd see this happen. This is one of the BEST things that could have ever happened to me, or anyone. Well, metalheads progress and persistence pays off. In this case, it was unexpected and truly shows anything can happen at any time given, just got to take the time in order for those things to happen. KEEP YOUR HORNS UP EVERYONE!!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


If you're ready for your ears to bleed profusely, then listen to this ferocious, savage & vicious 4 piece Death Metal band known as Hate Division. Fueled with sheer brilliance in brutal rhythms for both guitars and bass, drums that are compelling and dynamic & finally vocals that are utterly demonic gutturals along with some occasional screams. This band is powerful in every single way. Want high energy? Hate Division will get you in the mood to have just that along with headbanging so hard that you might become comatose if you aren't careful. If you're looking for a band that can cause a massacre in a mosh pit, then this is for you!! Thanks to Paul Shaw,  courtesy of the band to send me a copy. He is the man who operates Blasthead Records. I have had the honor of reviewing some bands he has sent my way, which will be featured in this web-zine as well. Order of the Enslaved is epic beyond words. They remind me of many bands like Human Infection & a bit like early Cannibal Corpse. Extreme to the fucking core! Blasting from Canada is where you'll find the band Hate Division. For this being the newest release by the band, I'll give them a 9.5/10 stars based on how compelling this album is. Until next time ladies & germs, this is EVILVENGEANCE666 TELLING YOU TO KEEP SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND METAL MUSIC SCENE, SUPPORT HATE DIVISION, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE...but most of all: KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!! \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Peace. Tranquility. Subsequent. Deception
The Divine Reward
A Controlled Extinction
Pornography of War
World Descending
Creatures of the Grid
Dawn of Quiescence
The Final Exhalation
The God Species
Global Autopsy
Order of the Enslaved


Sean Wyszynski- Vocals
Howard Young- Guitars
Shane Forsyth- Drums
Paul Shaw- Bass



Here is a video for the song The Final Exhalation. I wonder if they got their band name from the song Hate Division by Nasum.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


California is well known for sick & demented bands like: Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth, Meat Shits & many others. Take the band Solitary Priapism and you'll find yourselves indulged to enjoy the Death/Grind like the sounds and likes of Lividity, Lust of Decay, Lord Gore, Skinless, Embalmer & Goratory. Slip into your jammies, crank the volume beyond eleven for shrieking screams and  vile gutturals for vocals, aggressive yet lusty bass & guitars with brutal chugs and sharp pinched harmonics. Drums which blast your brain out of your skull if it were a 12 gauge shotgun shot to the eyesocket! When the band released Terminal Exhibition, they didn't have a permanent bassist until they recruited bassist Shawn Ward to add more dimension and more driving sounding bass lines for their music. However, this album won't disappoint fans of the genre of music of which they portray to what they create. There aren't too many bands that stand out as much as these guys do.The music will put a hole in your head unless you already have one. Terminal Exhibition is getting a 9/10 stars. If you get this album, be prepared to shit your pants with intensity of high level music. In case you didn't know, they just did a show with Dying Fetus & Blasphemous Creation. Two bands that I'm familiar with! Metalheads: KEEP SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND, SUPPORT SOLITARY PRIAPISM, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE AND MOST OF ALL: KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Lack Of Restraint
Muntle Throbes
Gestation Of A Deformed Fetus By Forced Insemination
Sexual Seahorse
Poignant Meanderings
Bullet (Misfits cover)
American VD
Traumatic Insemination
Voluntary Manslaughter
Hold The Fucking Sandwich


Colt Cramer- Drums/Vocals
Shawn Ward- Bass
Nathan Phibbs- Guitar/Vocals
David Ko- Guitar




Demons Within are coming out with a NEW EP in 2 days entitled Godslayer. This band has a whole new lineup since their last offering of music, but this EP is effective heavily for the Death metal scene. Having only 4 songs on the EP makes this one stand out far better than what they have previously released. My favorite song off of it is Where Demons Breed. If you are ready for your intervention, then this EP is just waiting for you to blast the hell out of it! Crushing heads to bring anger, violence and of course amazing music! The band has added another lead singer to bring scathing screams stronger than any female vocalist I've ever heard. So, if you are looking for a few punches in the face until your skull is smashed, or every bone in your body is weak from moshing; well...that's up to you! I would have to say that this EP is brutal, sick and most of all more technical than anything they've ever done! Having winning best local band in their area in 2013 says a lot about the band. Demons Within have had the honor to share the same stage with bands like: Deicide, DevilDriver, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Soulfly, Blackguard, All That Remains & Joey Belladonna of Anthrax. Get ready for a whole new killer sounding Demons Within ladies and germs as I give this EP a 10/10 stars for being as devastatingly twisted and impressive as they are. Metalheads: KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND METAL, SUPPORT DEMONS WITHIN, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE & MOST OF ALL: KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!!!!!!! This is your friend EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now: \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Where Demons Breed
God Of Man
Your Final Breath


J.C.B.- Lead Vocals
Kayla- Lead Vocals
T.C.- Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Decimation- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jester- Bass
Retribution- Drums

Contact J.C.B. @ (216)-978-3136 for any additional info.