Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Coming from Evansville Indiana is where you'll find the mighty 5 piece Death Metal band, Blood Tribe. Suffocating vocals that are deep and brutal screams like Divine Empire & early Cannibal Corpse, guitar riffs and drum beats that will crush your bones and bash in your skull with endless superb sound and quality just like the legendary Decapitated. In some spots of their songs, they remind me of early Napalm Death as well. With being a band that stands out from some, this one is promising. If you're into bands like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death & Blood Red Throne, then you ought to get a hold of Repulse by Blood Tribe. Amazing chord progressions and great slides with what riffs they've created makes Blood Tribe really sick and astonishing. Blood Tribe is another band signed to Dark Harvest Records and shouldn't be passed up. A band this good will make your eardrums explode. However, I'm sure many bands do just that, but this one will do it much faster and better. So if you like the bands I've mentioned, you'll fall in love with Blood Tribe and you'll be happy you did. With all of that said everyone, this EP is getting a 5/5 stars. I highly recommend them to fans of any age and any metalhead that is out there looking for something NEW to check out. So, keep the Underground Music scene alive, support your local music scene, support metal period!! Also, most of all metalheads, KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:
Manipulated Society

A Scar For Every Sin
Force Fed Suffering
In Far Verona


Drew- Vocals

Tom- Guitars
Danny- Guitar
Matt- Bass
Clay- Drums

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Some bands don't get enough recognition, but if you take this 5 piece band coming from Baltimore Maryland known as Balor's Eye; you won't be disappointed. They've got music which sounds better than Dysrhythmia. Taking technical metal to a whole different level in their own way makes this band stamps out many bands that can't do what they do. These guys know how to let one have it by blending their own sound into something very innovating to fans of any metal style. This EP should be a part of your music collection, that is if it isn't by now. With spots that are brutal like Cannibal Corpse & some technical parts along the lines of Necrophagist & Blotted Science. Swirling guitars and sweeps and drums that are pounded out to beat on anyone's brain to make them proud of what Balor's Eye can and will do for years to come. Even though it's an all instrumental EP, some will like it and maybe some won't. So metalheads, if you like bands like Dysrhythmia, Blotted Science, Sleep Terror, The Dillinger Escape Plan & Cannibal Corpse, then check out Balor's Eye. Perhaps it'll make you a believer too by giving them a listen or two or three. With all of this said, this EP is getting a 5/5 stars just by how technically insane the music is and by being a band signed to Dark Harvest Records makes it awesome too! Anyhow metalheads, that is it for this review. Keep the Underground ALIVE, support underground music and your local music scene & MOST OF ALL: KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

Pissing Rainbows
Door Fuhrer
Lobotomy Please?
Waylon Jennings as the Balladeer
Tigers in Space


Josh Yarnall- Guitar
Tyler VanOstrand- Drums
Ben Becraft- Guitar
Luke Francis- Bass Guitar

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hailing all the way from Russia is this 5 piece melodic Black Metal/Death Metal band known as Psilocybe Larvae, which were born into the world back in 1996. With sharing the same stage as Marduk, Testament, Aborted & Cryptopsy; Psilocybe Larvae is one to make headbangers, headbang even MORE. Crushing craniums with superb quality riffing, drum beats that maul & smack the listener with ferocious blasts & vocals that can best be described as scathing  & scorching your soul to eternity in doom. With eerie yet harmonic and nostalgic sounding keyboards as well. Psilocybe Larvae are a band of sheer brilliance. Giving this CD a few spins will make the listener be consumed by its content and will definitely show them just how efficient and professional sounding they are and for the simple fact they have a great amount of experience. Psilocybe Larvae doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, they know that their music is potent and ready to infect. The songs are so highpowered, it's almost unbelievably amazing that will drive you to want to hear it again. Influenced by J.S. Bach, you can totally witness to know that Psilocybe Larvae has a very awesome amount of intensity with everything they do. If you like bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Immortal & Gorgoroth to name a few; then you need to grab yourself a copy of Non-Existence by Psilocybe Larvae. The whole album in its own merit is epic and gets a 5/5 stars based on just how killer Psilocybe Larvae is and I'm pretty damn sure that this band will keep progressing with time and determination to keep listeners on their toes and continue to do so for the sake of awesome metal! So metalheads around the globe, KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND METAL, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE AND MOST OF ALL: KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!!! Until next time, this is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now!!! \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Let The Flame...
Cold Desert of Eternity
Non-Existent World
Great Silence


Larv- Guitar/Vocals
Andrew- Guitar
Dmitry- Keyboards
Alex- Bass
Alan- Drums

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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Back in 2006 is when this substantial Thrash Metal band was formed in the area of Charlotte North Carolina. This 4 piece band known as Final Curse dominates with riffs and beats that are hard as nails and vocals that will remind you of Destruction, Iced Earth and Sodom on many levels. The song Biltmore starts out with a very impressive acoustic guitar that is one to please anyone's ears greatly. With harmonizing guitar solos in this song, it just goes to show that Final Curse is out for blood and won't stop at anything until they're finished with what they have come to do. Final Curse has a previous album before this one of being their sophmore album. I'm a believer that this band is goin' for more than just one goal in life, and they are very talented musicians with brutal catchy riffs along with harmonizing guitar solos which brings out a killer amount of intensity along with diversity in their sound. If you like bands like Vader, Slayer, Destruction & Sodom, then Final Curse should be in your hands by now. This album Way of the Accursed gets a 5/5 stars based on their amazing talent. Plus by being signed to Dark Harvest Records, that's good for them!  So everyone, you know what to do. KEEP YOUR HORNS UP AND CONTINUE TO SUPPORT UNDERGROUND METAL AND HEADBANG!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Corruptor of Innocence
Replace God...Conceal The Beast
Rage Around Your Neck
Reaper of Justice
Ghost Bones
Is There No Hope?


Mike Plowman- Vocals/Guitar
Madison Stegall- Guitar/Vocals
Brendon Blackwelder- Drums
Fernie "Ferndog" Ortega- Bass

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Friday, August 9, 2013


Here's another band coming from Texas known as Riffe. This 4 piece band is similar to the band First Turn and is also very good. From the show I had seen with their performance by giving out FREE EP's, while checking them out onstage was really entertaining. The best way I can describe Riffe's sound is Alternative & a little bit of pop and some punk influence too. However, Riffe has great songs and I don't even know any of the names of them, but that's okay. This band is determined to be one that just might hit the radio waves someday. Based on their non-bullshit beliefs, they can really touch the heart in many ways. They sound a bit like modern hard rock in some spots too, and to tell you the truth, they sound better than most bands you hear on everyday radio stations. With being something new to my ears, I have listened to this 6 song EP a total of 10 times so far, and I enjoy it each time I hear it. This band is getting a 5/5 stars because of how progressive sounding in a lot of their music is. Riffe is a band that isn't one to be passed up and is a worth while experience that won't be forgotten. Until next time everyone, you know what to do: Keep the Underground ALIVE, keep supporting metal & most of all, KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/


Chris Polone- Vocals
Nathan Sparkman- Bassist
Mason Huffstickler- Drums
Brandon Sweets- Lead Guitars

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Here is a hard rock fused band along with the likes of straight up metal. Tearing it up all the way from Texas is this band known as First Turn. Their sound is like a combination of Thrice, Thursday & Matchbox Twenty to name a few. If you're into the bands mentioned, then you'll love First Turn and come to find out, the band is unsigned at this current time. I can definitely see this band getting on the Billboard charts someday possibly. First Turn will definitely be one band that can gain fans instantly based on their unique modern sound for hard rock. Some of the songs I had found to be their best are Lupita Chavez, Something To Believe & The First Night. I normally don't review bands that sound like some mainstream artists, but this band had made me feel good just by being themselves and they're awesome dudes to party with, and I am giving First Turn a 5/5 stars because of their originality and musicianship. This band some would think as "EMO," but on an honest opinion; they're NOT like that by any means. They are definitely a band that I consider to be really talented in a post hardcore kind of way. Well, as said before, it may not be Death Metal this time around, but if you're into hard rockin' metal, then this band will totally make you a believer that they're awesome. So everyone, until next time, keep those horns up!!!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:
Let Me Take a Look at You (Down There)
The Ashes of Us
Something to Believe
Thursday Morning
Make Believe
Ms. Walker
What is Bad
Lupita Chavez
The First Night
Pulling You Under

Contact the band First Turn on Facebook: 


Josh Hicks- Vocals/Guitar
Josh Murphy- Vocals/Guitar
Jerrod Kuhlman- Drums
Wayne Morris- Bass

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


How many bands use 8 string guitars? Take this 4 piece band from Texas known as All That Bleeds who does that along with a 6 string bass that will deafen ears, vocals that will crucify you and drums that will hit you like an oncoming freight train. Hailing from El Paso Texas is where you'd find the ferocious and brutal band, All That Bleeds. In a way, the vocals and guitars remind me of new school Death Metal and a bit melodic too like Devildriver and early Gorgasm to name a couple. The song Dead Cell Battery is one to get people moving to start a pit, but if that doesn't happen; then you're lame.  Only kidding of course, but this band pummels, rips & shreds unlike some bands in the underground scene to make a NEW listener a fan INSTANTLY. ATB is guaranteed to get heavier as time goes on, and this EP is getting a 5/5 stars from Underground Noise. Although not many bands sound like All That Bleeds, so friggin' what! This band will engulf you and then spit you out. Having shared the stage with the likes of Revocation, The Faceless, Smells Like Someone Died & Soulfly to name a few, this band is one to look out for.  So metalheads, that does it for this review. Until next time, keep the UNDERGROUND ALIVE, KEEP THE METAL ALIVE & MOST OF ALL, KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Call To Arms
Dead Cell Battery
Hand That Feeds


Johnny Mo- Drums
Norman Najar- Guitar
Louie Sublasky- Bass
Eric Chaffino- Vocals