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  Original publish date January 28, 2011


   The review will be written and posted soon, so stay tuned everyone and thanks for reading a new interview of UNDERGROUND NOISE!!! This is the VERY first interview for them, show them your support by listening to their tunes! In fact, this is the first interview I've conducted with a band where ALL the members responded. Thanks guys!

1) How did you guys come up with your band name?
It's another way of saying "Buried Alive".

2) Do you have a career outside the music?
Yes, we have day jobs. The only reason we have them is to fund our band and survive. We are trying very hard to make this our career. For us, this band is NOT a hobby. It's who we are. We are damn lucky to have a group of guys like we do. We are all extremely committed to our band and its direction.

3) Where do you guys practice at?
Our drummer, Jake converted his living room into our practice space. It's in a small town that is unlikely to have a metal band. His house was actually built in 1880 as a Convent. (Nunnery). Seriously. Now it's the home of a death metal band.

4) What is your biggest accomplishment?
At the time, we would say finishing our demo. From here we will begin building on a list of existing songs for our full length album. Among many small accomplishments.

5) Is there anywhere in the world you'd want to tour/travel?
European festivals would be amazing. Particularly Wacken on any stage. Other than Europe, we would have to say Australia.
6) How long has the band been around?
A little over a year as a band. Live, though. . . 7 or 8 months. Eric and Dusty had an interest for doing something new. They discussed what their ideal band would be over a few beers. The idea formed, and soon after we recruited Jake and Taylor.

7) What is your favorite song you've written?
Taylor: Unrelenting Pain
Jake: Infested
Eric: Ritual Carnage
Dusty: Mimic

8) Have you been interviewed before or is this the first one?
This is the first official interview. Thanks Al !
9) Do you have family that is into Death Metal?
Eric's cousin is actually in a metal band, so yes. Over the course of our writing, a lot of our family members have grown to appreciate the style of music for various reasons. They have also supported us as far as live shows go. As our EP makes it's way around there seems to be more and more popping up here and there. Taylor's dad is 67 and loves Deicide. Enough said.

10) Who are your influences?
We all bring our own favorites to the table when we write. There are so many awesome bands local and national.

11) Who are you currently listening to?
Eric - Trigger The Bloodshed, Hour of Penance, Exodus, Front Line Assembly, and Aeon.

Jake - Decapitated, Hate Eternal, Murderdolls, Eric Clapton, Ana Popovic, Damn Yankees, and Winger.

Taylor - Sadus, These are They, Atrocity (old), Seance, and Bob Dylan.

Dusty - Marduk, Lamb of God, Hate, Carpathian Forest, Capricorns, Blues Traveller, Dave Matthews, and Job For A Cowboy.

12) What is one thing you can't live without?

HotMetalBeerWingsBeer . . . That's one word, therefore one thing.

13) Any last words for Underground Noise?
Thanks a shitload for finding us and pursuing this interview. You are doing a great thing for metal music.

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