Sunday, February 26, 2012

Homicide- Mechanized Torments album review


                  Explosive, dominating, crushing skull type music is what you'll get when it comes to Mechanized Torments by the masters of Chilean death metal known as Homicide! This album is full of sick growls and screams, pounding rhythms, killer solos, and killer beatings on the drums that will leave you decapitated. Vocals that remind me of early Morbid Angel and along the lines of Deicide. Starting the 1st song Fork of Heresy is a clip from Bela Lugosi, and the opening scream and growl will give you goosebumps. If it doesn't, then something must be wrong with you. This album is full of surprises and full of extreme talent and energy that makes me want to get in the pit and shred up some bodies! Amazing production, and you can't go wrong with this new release by them. This album will leave you soulless and take your breath away from how sick the band has gotten! Full of crushing brutality. I recommend this to fans of ALL death metal and any type of metal that would love to hear something new. 5/5 star rating goes out to these amazing musicians!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012


         Having a name like Necrophagist deserves high praise and renown! You can't  dis on them cause of their intense and insane progressive death metal style! By far on my all time favorite metal bands list.  I don't have a favorite in the death metal genre of metal, but from listening to them LIVE is pretty much flawless. Perfectionists? Yeah, you could call them that, but not sure if they'd like being called that. Last time I saw those Germans shred it up was back in 2009 during the Summer Slaughter Tour and I shot 2 videos of them playing two of my favorite songs which are "Foul Body Autopsy" and "Fermented Offal Discharge" as the closing song. I posted my own exclusive footage of Fermented on here to show you the viewer what I was watching, but during the solo I got bumped into and you can hear me clearly yell "Hey!" LOL. This band is NOT a sellout that's for goddamn sure! Listening to this album actually has gotten me hooked on wanting to play my guitar even more so because I can always learn stuff I didn't know I had in me to play! That's an accomplishment all in its own merit. The 3 songs that stuck out in my mind from Epitaph are: Stabwound, Only Ash Remains & Seven. They're all good songs, but those ones were the ones that really got my attention. All in good favor would concur that 2004's Epitaph receives a 5/5 star rating based on talent, technicality, brutal rhythms, melodic leads and a wonderful delight for all metalheads to enjoy. If you don't, then you aint a metalhead!

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Monday, February 13, 2012


             Fable 2 is an awesome amazing video game for the Xbox 360. Filled with really fun quests like Treasure Island of Doom where you have to get all the treasure, fight and defeat Captain Dread & report back to Salty Jack. You end up earning all the treasure that you had caputred and Captain Dread's sword. That is for 7500 renown. I absolutely cherish this game. I like how the fighing scenes are really wicked sometimes, depending on how many enemies you have to conquer in battle. You can use your pistol, rifle and crossbow if you have them or your melee weapon like a sword or a hammer or anything that you own.  Your dog is cool and helps you find treasure by sniffing out the ground and that's really cool too. I like that feature a lot because I've never played such a wonderful game that is full of excitement and battles and quests, and oh how could I forget the jobs that you can perform in this game. There's a bllacksmith job that helps you get some gamerscore along with the woodcutting job that does the same, but a different amount. There are many trophies you can get by completing the quests that are assigned to you. So far, I have gotten 6 trophies: Thag's head, Crucible trophy, Golden oak leaf, Captain Dread's sword, Broken Spire collar and Dash's goggles! In some situations in this game you can be propositioned by a prostitute and sleep with them, but the screen is black and the sounds are very realistic, but that makes the game a bit funny. Killing gargoyles in this game are a lot fun because you hear them, but where are they? Look around by using your left bumper on your controller and you'll eventually spot them out...once you do, kill them! Fighting in the Crucible is quite brutal considering the fact that you have to go through several rooms in order to get your trophy as a reward at the end of beating each enemy in there. Well, if anything else comes to my mind while I'm playing this game, I will update this from where I left off.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

DREAM THEATER- Metropolis PT. 2: Scenes From A Memory (album review)

           I don't know about you, but I've never been too big on concept albums. However, with Dream Theater as good and technical as they are, they make their music look like it's easy to play. Yeah fucking right! I've looked at their tabs for this album and it ain't easy! LOL. The story is of two lovers and murder. With Dream Theater being a progressive metal band, they don't need to be gory with their lyrics like most death metal bands and Dream Theater isn't that way at all. Dream Theater has wowed me with this album immensely. The lyrics are perfect for this album. When it comes to composing an album, I'm pretty damn sure that DT takes their time to make everything perfect. Even while watching them LIVE is a wonderful time and I've experienced that twice. There are lots of instances where I think "How the hell did Petrucci just do that!? HOLY SHIT!" These guys are amazing musicians! Anyone in his or her right mind would have to concur that they're very underrated. I'm glad for that. I've heard a few people tell me that they like them. If you think Dream Theater sucks, well let's see you attempt to play one of their songs on any instrument exactly like one of them did and fuck you. I love this album for many reasons. Scenes From A Memory is beautiful in every way that reflects back where Metropolis Part 1 left off from Images and Words; considering the fact that in that song they mention "The Dance of Eternity." And that's an instrumental on THIS album. It's by far my all time favorite instrumental ever! The songs are heavy in spots, and very melodic and harmonizing in others. How epic can you get? 5/5 stars and the whole kit and kaboodle!


Monday, February 6, 2012

ENTHRALLER- The Devil King of the Sixth Heaven album review

ENTHRALLER- The Devil God of the Sixth Heaven album review
(Official publishing April 24, 2010)

From Torrance California comes a very mind blowing, crushingly heavy & very talented band named Enthraller. This band to me has some of the best tunes out there. The guitars have a lot of groove to how the music flows, the drums are precise in every beat, the vocals are some of which I find better than mine. With this album being a full length; I give these 5 dudes an awesome amount of credit they deserve. Oh and the bass; how could I forget that?! Well, the bass is always hard for me to hear, but the bass player in this band has awesome sound. Not sure if he uses a pick or not, but you know what? It shouldn't matter. Play it the way you feel comfortable. The song Mindless Slaves is my favorite off of the album. I love how they have constructed their own sound. That is something you don't hear too much from some bands these days who all sound the same and that can be really lame. However, these guys have really inspired me. Every song is different than what you would expect from the typical Death Metal bands. Sounds like they have a Thrash Metal influence. I have had the honor to review this album. With a total of 40 minutes and 28 seconds in its entirety I give this band 5/5 stars. You really need to get your hands on this if you don't already own it. Seriously folks, this band is one you really need to look out for; by far one of the best I have heard in a long fucking time. I appreciate Stephen Bowman the lead singer to send me so much stuff in one little tiny box...HAHA!! With the sounds that remind me of Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Decrepit Birth, Suffocation & a few others I can hear in their music; this band deserves a major record deal. I could see it happen in the next year or 2 that they get signed to Metal Blade Records. They have made me feel great by their tunes. Exceptionally one of the best. Check them out, let me know what you think. Let THEM know what you think also. They deserve a chance and I really am glad that they surprised me with their wit and talent. HAILS to these brothers from California!! Damn right, check them the fuck out!!!



      Official date of publishing January 28, 2011

      Here comes yet another band out of Wisconsin, although these guys are from Appleton. This band is called Screaming Entombment. To me, Screaming Entombment has a diverse sound of Death metal and Thrash metal. Vocals that rip your heart out of your chest like Left In Ruins & Lamb of God to name a couple. The music is like Obituary, Lamb of God, Enthraller & Slayer in some parts from what I could hear. They have solid sound where it can't be matched or duplicated, and with only 4 songs on this album; they have crushed a lot and have made the music a bit different than most Death metal bands. From what I get out of it, these guys are talented. I give them a 4.75/5 stars only because I think they could be a little heavier with the vocals. The vocals are great, don't get me wrong; but I find a few times where the singer could be a bit more guttural. However, these guys are damn good enough to get their message across. I do like them, and will keep them in my music collection because of their awesome brutality. I am honored that they had answered my interview questions promptly and looking forward to hearing more in the future when they have a full length CD. The interview is below, so take note and listen to Screaming Entombment. You won't be disappointed!!! The official interview can be found at and it'll soon be transferred over here.

SICKTRUST album review

(official date of publishing September 23, 2011)

If this 9 song album doesn't get you on your feet, then what the HELL is wrong with you? This 4 piece band known as Sicktrust come from Paoli PA. It's been a long time since I've heard a hardcore band THIS good. I can hear a thrash metal and straightedge influence with these dudes. From listening to them, it sounds like their giving Crowbar a run for their money. Even though I'm not the biggest hardcore fan, I actually like these guys! This is the type of band I could see a small bar having a bar brawl possibly bust out. For what I heard from these tough guys, I'll give them a 5/5 stars on how different they are from most of the bands I usually listen to and also to mention their name is quite unique. I highly recommend Sicktrust to fans who like bands such as: Prong, Black Label Society, Crowbar, Pro-Pain, Corrosion of Conformity & Hatebreed. Check them out, maybe Sicktrust will wake you up. Besides, there are a lot of good bands out there to listen to and this band will make you pit...that's the vibe I got off of them. I'd pit to their tunes if I were to see them play LIVE.



(Official date of publishing)

I can still remember the day this band & I encountered each other. It was back in 2006 when I was sitting in a library out in Kansas before I had moved back to New York. When I had gotten this album, I read my name in the thanks list. Thank you for that you guys and thank you for the first shirt of the band! Coming from the hot temperatures of Arizona, I bring to you Laboratory of Mortuary. From reading what Michael W. Hannibal had said about it sounding like crap, I have to agree and disagree with respect for him and his former band members. Hearing the song "Mutilator of the Dykes" really stood as their best song to me. I totally understand that this band isn't the BEST out there, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that LOM had made an album and got signed. Not many bands these days do, but LOM did and I have to give them a lot of credit for doing so. I must say congratulations to them. LOM offers the listener their own sound musically, but the vocals are deep and guttural gurgle type growls like bands such as: Methadone Abortion Clinic, Lord Gore and Inherit Disease to name a few. Just because some of their songs may not be all that appealing to you, SO FUCKING WHAT! They got their name out there. In all fairness to them, I am giving Laboratory of Mortuary 4/5 stars. It's because of what they did to get an album made. With all of that said, I must say I enjoy them and if you don't; I don't give a rats ass to what you fucking think.


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