Sunday, February 12, 2012

DREAM THEATER- Metropolis PT. 2: Scenes From A Memory (album review)

           I don't know about you, but I've never been too big on concept albums. However, with Dream Theater as good and technical as they are, they make their music look like it's easy to play. Yeah fucking right! I've looked at their tabs for this album and it ain't easy! LOL. The story is of two lovers and murder. With Dream Theater being a progressive metal band, they don't need to be gory with their lyrics like most death metal bands and Dream Theater isn't that way at all. Dream Theater has wowed me with this album immensely. The lyrics are perfect for this album. When it comes to composing an album, I'm pretty damn sure that DT takes their time to make everything perfect. Even while watching them LIVE is a wonderful time and I've experienced that twice. There are lots of instances where I think "How the hell did Petrucci just do that!? HOLY SHIT!" These guys are amazing musicians! Anyone in his or her right mind would have to concur that they're very underrated. I'm glad for that. I've heard a few people tell me that they like them. If you think Dream Theater sucks, well let's see you attempt to play one of their songs on any instrument exactly like one of them did and fuck you. I love this album for many reasons. Scenes From A Memory is beautiful in every way that reflects back where Metropolis Part 1 left off from Images and Words; considering the fact that in that song they mention "The Dance of Eternity." And that's an instrumental on THIS album. It's by far my all time favorite instrumental ever! The songs are heavy in spots, and very melodic and harmonizing in others. How epic can you get? 5/5 stars and the whole kit and kaboodle!


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