Monday, February 6, 2012

ENTHRALLER- The Devil King of the Sixth Heaven album review

ENTHRALLER- The Devil God of the Sixth Heaven album review
(Official publishing April 24, 2010)

From Torrance California comes a very mind blowing, crushingly heavy & very talented band named Enthraller. This band to me has some of the best tunes out there. The guitars have a lot of groove to how the music flows, the drums are precise in every beat, the vocals are some of which I find better than mine. With this album being a full length; I give these 5 dudes an awesome amount of credit they deserve. Oh and the bass; how could I forget that?! Well, the bass is always hard for me to hear, but the bass player in this band has awesome sound. Not sure if he uses a pick or not, but you know what? It shouldn't matter. Play it the way you feel comfortable. The song Mindless Slaves is my favorite off of the album. I love how they have constructed their own sound. That is something you don't hear too much from some bands these days who all sound the same and that can be really lame. However, these guys have really inspired me. Every song is different than what you would expect from the typical Death Metal bands. Sounds like they have a Thrash Metal influence. I have had the honor to review this album. With a total of 40 minutes and 28 seconds in its entirety I give this band 5/5 stars. You really need to get your hands on this if you don't already own it. Seriously folks, this band is one you really need to look out for; by far one of the best I have heard in a long fucking time. I appreciate Stephen Bowman the lead singer to send me so much stuff in one little tiny box...HAHA!! With the sounds that remind me of Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Decrepit Birth, Suffocation & a few others I can hear in their music; this band deserves a major record deal. I could see it happen in the next year or 2 that they get signed to Metal Blade Records. They have made me feel great by their tunes. Exceptionally one of the best. Check them out, let me know what you think. Let THEM know what you think also. They deserve a chance and I really am glad that they surprised me with their wit and talent. HAILS to these brothers from California!! Damn right, check them the fuck out!!!


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