Monday, February 6, 2012


      Official date of publishing January 28, 2011

      Here comes yet another band out of Wisconsin, although these guys are from Appleton. This band is called Screaming Entombment. To me, Screaming Entombment has a diverse sound of Death metal and Thrash metal. Vocals that rip your heart out of your chest like Left In Ruins & Lamb of God to name a couple. The music is like Obituary, Lamb of God, Enthraller & Slayer in some parts from what I could hear. They have solid sound where it can't be matched or duplicated, and with only 4 songs on this album; they have crushed a lot and have made the music a bit different than most Death metal bands. From what I get out of it, these guys are talented. I give them a 4.75/5 stars only because I think they could be a little heavier with the vocals. The vocals are great, don't get me wrong; but I find a few times where the singer could be a bit more guttural. However, these guys are damn good enough to get their message across. I do like them, and will keep them in my music collection because of their awesome brutality. I am honored that they had answered my interview questions promptly and looking forward to hearing more in the future when they have a full length CD. The interview is below, so take note and listen to Screaming Entombment. You won't be disappointed!!! The official interview can be found at and it'll soon be transferred over here.

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