Friday, June 1, 2012


Coming all the way from Faversham Kent in the United Kingdom comes a one man band known as Ritual Disfigurement. In my delight, I found that Aaron Waters who created this project has a very unique sound. I could hear influences like Cannibal Corpse and early breakdowns like Dying Fetus. The drumming is of course programmed, but it sounds great regardless. With this 6 song EP, it demonstrates gurgle type growls that remind me of Wormed and Lust of Decay to name a couple. If you like your music fast and brutal that can put you in a grinder with no vaseline for ya, plus thinking of better ways to have an abortion; this is something you'll want to listen to all the time then. Overall, I give this dude a 5/5 for creating a sick, twisted and fierce EP. The artwork as you can see is very cool indeed. It makes me think as to what's next coming out by this awesome music. Thanks for reading. Below is a video for the song Raped With Surgical Tools. EVILVENGEANCE666

Band Members
Aaron Waters

Track Listing

1) Sent From Hell
2) Back Alley Abortion
3) Frantic Anal Disembowelment
4) Abatoir Torture Chamber
5) Raped With Surgical Tools
6) Rust & Disgust


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  1. This EP is available for FREE at this link :)