Friday, June 22, 2012


If Hate Eternal had a twin in Death Metal, then it would have to be Masachist. Ferocious vocals, brutal slugging in the face guitar & bass riffs & hyper speed drumming as well! I think if Erik Rutan listened to this, he'd probably shit his pants. Laughs. Seriously though, there's a sliver of a Nile influence from what I have heard, I'm pretty sure about that. Masachist is a 5 piece technical Death Metal band all the way from the country of Poland which also has acts like: Behemoth, Vader & Decapitated to name a few. Featuring Immolation's Ross Dolan on the fourth track known as "Open the Wounds" on backing vocals which I posted a video from YouTube at the bottom for all you readers to listen to after reading this or while you're reading it. Masachist is a band that will make you gnash your teeth until they fall out as if they were grains of sand and will keep your eyes pried open. This band was formed by Thrufel  who was also in bands such as Yattering and Azarath, and also by Daray who was in Vader at one time. These mean bastards deserve two horns up and 5/5 stars based on the facts of great musicianship and brutality that they can only deliver, taking the listener and bangs the head for them, sounding very similar to Hate Eternal based on the chord progressions of their sound & finally for just kicking ass in general. Recommended if you like bands such as: Vader, Hate Eternal, Immolation and Decapitated to name a few. Death March Fury will leave you wanting more. Until next time people, I'm out. EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

Unveil the Grave
Inborn Obedience
Open the Wounds
Malicious Cleansing
Appearance of the Worm
Crush Them!!!
Death Shall March

Band Members:

Thrufel- Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Daray- Drums
PIG- Vocals
Aro- Rhythm Guitar
Heinrich- Bass
Contact Info:


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