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Original Posting: October 10, 2011

I got a hold of Först Aldst of Antagonized, and he had answered my questions for me. This band hails from Panama and I will tell you, if you DON'T have their only album Intense Perversion; then you definitely need to pick up a copy and show your fucking support for them. Brutal, sick, heavy and this band will leave you chuffed! Without any further due, check this out!! I got lucky to receive a copy from Marcelo Power (drummer) from the band Homicide!

1.) Intense Perversion impressed me very highly, how long did it take to create it?

The recording process started in April 2009 and finished in October 2009 mastering concluded in March 2010.

2.) How long ago did Antagonized begin its journey in music?

Antagonized has existed since December 2006, after I left my first death metal band.

3.) How did you meet your band members?

I knew them when they played on their past bands. Panama is a small city, everybody knows everybody.

4.) Who are your influences?

General Influences for Antagonized come from the Death Metal Old School, Thrash, some of Black Metal and Doom.

5.) Where and how often does the band practice?

In a Studio Called ETC. We normally practice once a week.

6.) Is Intense Perversion your only album?

Yes this is our first album, and we are very proud about it. In the album, drums were made by our friend Alex Marquez. (Ex-Malevolent Creation) That was awesome.

7.) Who would you consider your hero?

Well I must to say that we have admiration into the old school bands that still reign; Malevolent Creation, Hypocrisy, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer.

8.) What is your local scene like?

Unfortunately it is poor, don't have many true metalheads. But there exist some excellent bands like Sargon, Equinoxio, Sehlah and Athica.

9.) What future goals would you like to achieve?

Record our next album, and make some gigs through America.

10.) Is there any place you would like to tour and why?

Chile, because we have many fans there and them buy all of our stuff, we want to go to USA also, Central and South America.

11.) How many metal bands are from Panama besides yours?

I could say 10 bands

12.) Have you ever had interviews before this, or this is your first one?

No, this is not our first one actually. We had some interviews for zines and radio.
13.) What are the ages of the band members?

Between 24 to 36 years old.

14.) Who came up with the band name?

I must to say that it was idea from the first bass player "Manitou".

15.) Any last words for Underground Noise?

Thank you all you guys for your support. Metalheads you can support us buying our Cd Intense Perversion on Ebay, thanks!!

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