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Original Posting: September 23, 2011

LISTEN UP YOU METALHEADS!!! I got in touch with Pablo Escobar of Iconoclast to answer my questions, and if you haven't fucking heard his band yet, then you are all FUCKING GAY!!! JUST KIDDING!!! CHECK THEM THE FUCK OUT!!!!

1) How did you come up with your band name?

- At first we were called 'Permafrost' because of our former guitarrist who gave the idea. We worked a little under that name but when new lyrics were created the name had almost nothing to do with them. After Fabian left the band, we changed the name to Iconoclast due to the lyrics' topic and thoughts of the band. Personally, I think it's a strong name which represents the lyrics I write and those who will be written (I already have ideas for upcoming works...)

2) Who are your influences musically?

- Woooah!! A lot of bands... there is many influences here because each one has a different background that influences in our own style as individuals, but generally our music is influences by bands like Death, Exodus, Atheist, Morbid Saint, Demolition Hammer, Heathen, Solstice, Devastation, Mercyful Fate, Revenant, Tenet, to name the most importants.

3) Do you have a favorite song by your band?

- At the moment our favourites are 'Hijo Del Caos' and 'Serpiente Alada' from our first EP. Currently we have 2 favourite new songs that are gonna be included in our first album. As soon as possible we are going to publish rehearsal videos showing advances of the new work.

4) Do you have a job outside of Iconoclast?

- Everyone does! I am a teacher of English (I'm having my degree right now) so I'm working on my thesis and teaching in a language institute as well. Victor (bass) is a publicist and he is in an advertising company of course and Juan Pablo (drums) is a designer and has his own business.

5) Where do you practice at and how often?

- We rehearse in Marcelo's place (Homicide) so we share a lot. We rehearse once a week, 2 hours due to our personal schedule, but we always try to create and improve songs whenever we can.

6) When did you get involved with extreme music?

- I was 11 o 12 when I first listened to the first albums in my life... Death, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Carcass, Sodom, Burzum ... then I was so interested that started to listen the most metal I could so I was getting involved with extreme metal (thrash, death, and black) and with the time the feeling was deeper and deeper and now it's part of my life. In fact, I became a musician because of that.

7) How long has Iconoclast been around?

- We've been playing for a year and 9 months... at the beggining we were working in the material for the first EP and since then a couple of little gigs here and now totally focused on the upcoming work we hope to have it ready asap!

8) What type of gear do you use to make your sound?

- Currently: Juan Pablo uses Pearl drums with Zildjian cymbals, his drum is giant!! He uses a lot of toms (now he's using more that in 'Naqoyqatsi') and cymbals as well as he is highly influenced by progressive music. Victor uses a 5-string Washburn Bass (Taurus T-25) and that's it, with his incredible finger skill he makes that sound... and I'm using right now a Jackson Warrior WRXT and a Digitech RP 355 effect with my custom distortion.

9) Do you plan on touring the U.S.A.?

- Big words for a small band dude!! We are eager to play whenever possible and if the option appears be sure we will be there and everywhere we are invited, giving our best and even more.

10) What is your local scene like?

- Chilean and South American metalheads are known because of their extreme passion for metal so here we have a good reception, good opinions and supportive guys who like the music we make. It is great in that scence to have a band here but there is no much support from people in general, music here is not seen as in USA or Europe, as a professional thing. Very sad in that way but it's not a reason to stop doing what we do like.

11) How long did it take to write "Naqoyqatsi" and what does it mean?

- It took about 4 months to write the whole material (in that moment I wasn't a part of the band) and when I arrived to the band there was the music and some lyrics. we soon started to make arragements and do the best with that, wrote some lyrics, adding little things more and in 3 weeks we were ready to record. 'Naqoyqatsi' is an Indian word which means 'Life as War' (it can be interpreted in 2 or 3 more ways but that's we wanted to mean), stating life as a internal and social struggle between ourselves and the world.

12) Where do you see your band 5 years from now?
- Very good actually. In 5 more years we will have at least 3 or 4 recordings to show, more presentations and obviously too much hard work to achieve our goals and aims. I think in 5 years we will be very good and better that we are now.

13) Are you signed?

- We are working with a South American Label/Distro called 'Digmetalworld'. It 's not like a huge record label but we are able to distribute our music there to the USA, Southamerica and parts of Europe. They are great and supportive people and we are happy to be working with them. With time we are going to look for another one if possible, but let's wait for the album first.

14) Have you had interviews before this or is this the first one?

- This is our second interview. We had one in a Chilean website called '' in which we were asked about our next album at that time. This is the first in English though, for international press.

15) Any last words for Underground Noise?

- Thanks a lot for the great support and interest (especially Al) in our music (and metal in general!) stay true, keep working as you do, we appreciate the chance to talk with you and hope to be in touch soon, you'll get the first word about that album we are working on!! Horns up and cheers!!

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