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                    I got in touch with the only member who came up with the music idea of Ritual Disfigurement, Aaron Waters who handles all of the music and vocals. Living over in Europe must be a lot different than living here in the USA, but without any further due, I give you the latest UNDERGROUND NOISE interview.

1) How did you come up with the name Ritual Disfigurement and does it have any meaning to anything in particular?

I came up with the name by complete accident. I was thinking of different band names I could use but none of them were the type of name that stayed with you. But then one day I was in my living room with my step father watching a program called "The Real Passion of the Christ" on the History Channel and they said that Jesus was tortured and suffered Ritual Disfigurement, and suddenly that little light in my head just came on and the name was born.

2) Where do you usually practice at?

As I'm only one man, I tend to just practice at home. Obviously the full line up bands can afford to split the cost of a rehearsal room, but for just me it would be pointless, so I just play along to the drums on my computer.

3) Who are your influences musically?

When it comes to writing,  I like to listen to a wide range of bands, so it can appeal to a wide range of people. because at the end of the day, I want as many people as possible to enjoy what I do. It's not about sales to me, it's about bringing people together with something I have created. My music has a few different elements to it, so for the straight forward death sound, I listen to bands like Decapitated, Obituary and Deceive. For the slam element, its bands like Vulvectomy, Aborted Remains, Torsofuck. For my newer stuff, which is quite technical, I listen to Insidious Decrepancy, Origin and Bludgeon. But when I just want to be all out brutal, I wack on Putridity and just go nuts.

4)  What is your local scene like?

My local scene is a strong scene with very loyal fans and a great following. All the bands help each other out and turn up to shows. The death metal scene however, is pretty much nonexistent ha ha so I don't play local shows really.

5) How long have you been composing music?

I've been playing in bands for as long as I can remember. I've been playing guitar for 11 - 12 years and have always been a man of music. But when I'm not playing death metal, I like to just mellow out and play ambient electronica just for fun.

6) Are you currently signed to any record label?

At the moment I am unsigned, but unfortunatley a lot of record labels nowadays are just out to get you. I have seen a lot of my friends bands sign to record labels, get promised the world, and then get shot down in flames while the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Fucked. But if I can find a label that seems decent and worth their salt, then sure, why not? Until then, it's all independent.

7) Where have you always wanted to see across the world?

I have wanted to play all over the world, just to see how different countries and cultures react to certain sounds, just because I find that kind of stuff interesting. But if I had to choose one place? California baby, all the way! I have such an awesome fanbase out there, I think it would be rude not to show them all what I can do and just hang out with the fans. And so far, the fans I have made out there aren't just my fans, they're my friends. they all do so much in the ways of promotion for me, and they do it totally unconditionally. So yeah, California, totally!

8) What type of gear do you use for your music?

Right now I'm kinda in between a gear change. Especially seeing as most of the stuff I use is pretty much borrowed, broken or being replaced ha ha, but for my home recordings, I use pro tools.

9) Is this your first interview or have you had ones before this, meaning either in USA or another country?

I think this is my second interview. My first on I believe was with a company called Vile TV who do an absolutely awesome job at promoting the underground death metal scene, so that was a real honour for me. Who are also based in California too lol

10) Any last words for Underground Noise?

Thankfully artists like myself have access to great companies such as yourself, because people don'r seem to realize how much things like this can help an underground artist. Even if only one person reads this interview, thats one person who could become a fan. and if one person shows his friends, that one fan can turn into ten fans, and if they do the same, ten fans becomes a hundred fans, then maybe even a thousand. we can't take these things for granted. not at all. so for that, I thank you for giving me your time. Underground Noise rules!

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