Friday, February 22, 2013


              I am proud to announce the latest interview with guitarist Stephan of the amazing German band known as Vermin. Open your minds and your eyes to a new breed of metal ladies and gentlemen. This band really crushes a lot. With no further due, here's Underground Noise's latest interview, and thanks for reading.

1. How was the band formed?

The band was founded in 2003 by a couple of school friends in a pub.
2. How did the members find each other?
The founding members Thomas Bodenschatz and Manuel Herz were old school friends.
After some line-up changes, they found, quite by accident, on Stephan Hurtig.
A little later we have Simon Reuther was added to the band, who had been friends
in the past with Vermin.
3. Where does Vermin practice at?
Both the practice and the song writing is in
a traditional practice room held in Bayreuth (Germany).
4. Who are your influences musically?
Each band member has a different taste in music.
From funk to rock and roll to black metal's all there.
So influenced the music each in his own way
5. Where do you see yourselves 5 years from now?
This question is not easily answered. Of course we want
to win a lot of new fans. One may also look forward to a new album.
But who has the ability to look into the future ....?
6. How would you best describe your sound to the listeners?
A portion rock'n'roll mixed with melodic and groovy death metal and small surprises.
7. What has been the biggest accomplishment Vermin has had success with?
There were some highlights in the history of Vermin: This includes tours and
festival shows with renowned bands. We are also proud of the appearing of our
debut album!
8. Name some bands that you have always wanted to tour with.
Surely everyone in the band has a different favorite, which makes it difficult
to name specific names. To go with renowned bands on tour certainly increase
the chance to win over many new fans. But we have fun with every band who
accompanies us on tour.
9. Do the members have any jobs outside the music?
Yes! Each band member goes to a regular job! From a carpenter about stone restoration
up to affiliate account manager everything is there.
10. Any last words for Underground Noise?
Stay rock n roll! Cheers!

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