Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sophicide set a new wave for the death metal community to receive an awesome audience just by giving this album 1 spin will prove them that this band has got it. Tearing it up all the way from Germany is where Sophicide resides. For being a debut album, this is one of the most relentless, mind blowing & sickest I've heard in a while. Filled with intricate and articulate guitar solos, vocals that will go so deep into your heart to make it stop & drums and bass that will crush you with every beating. This release is for fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Necrophagist, Bloodbath or any extreme metal listener out there. Basically, this band is out for blood, so watch out because this album dominates over some that have tried to cross the line before, but were too afraid to step forward and make the mark that they wanted, and Sophicide shows just what it takes to do just that. This album all in its own merit deserves a 5/5 stars by being one of many debuts that I've come across that are killer sounding as well as enjoyable..So metalheads, if you want a band that will leave you breathless, give Sophicide a jam, you'll be glad you did. Keep it EXTREME, keep it METAL, keep the UNDERGROUND ALIVE & ALWAYS KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

1. The Art of Atrocity
2. Within Darkness
3. Perdition of the Sublime
4. Of Lust and Vengeance
5. Execration
6. Blood For Honour
7. Freedom of Mind
8. Folie A Deux
9. Lafayette's Deception
10. Dawn of A New Age
11. The Essence of Warfare

Jam on this, here's the song called Execration which is the fifth track off this amazing debut. \m/-_-\m/

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