Friday, February 1, 2013


Brutally Butchered is sheer brutality and ear blistering sickness coming all the way from Lancaster California. With combining old school and new school ideas is what makes Brutally Butchered a lot more different than most death metal bands. Fusing the sounds can be great because to the listener, they might agree that this band sounds a lot like old school Mortician & Fleshgrind. Awesome riffs, pounding drums that will make the eardrums explode, awesome bass tones & vocals that are like early Chris Barnes when he was in Cannibal Corpse during Tomb of the Mutilated era. On this 11 song opus your mind won't be the same after listening to it, that is if you can understand the words...LOL, I can. You thought some bands were twisted? Guess again, this 3 piece band will destroy you. From what I'm thinking, Brutally Butchered has a lot of influences, and they are playing with some major death metal acts this year like Exhumed & Disgorge (USA, I'm assuming), be sure to check them out!! This is an awesome combo of the early DEMOS. They get a 5/5 stars from me based on how kick ass they are. Find them on Facebook. I can't find a favorite song on here, but I like them all equally. Until next time metalheads across the world, KEEP THE METAL ALIVE, KEEP IT REAL & ALWAYS KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666


Roger Curry- Bass
Steven Wright- Drums
Brutal Oscar- Guitars/Vocals

Tracks that were mentioned to me that appear on the DEMO Combo:

Involuntary Consumption of Human Bowels
Endless Devourment
Dead Vaginal Mites
Disemboweled and Butchered
Sacrifice In Cannibalistic Ritual

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