Friday, August 9, 2013


Here's another band coming from Texas known as Riffe. This 4 piece band is similar to the band First Turn and is also very good. From the show I had seen with their performance by giving out FREE EP's, while checking them out onstage was really entertaining. The best way I can describe Riffe's sound is Alternative & a little bit of pop and some punk influence too. However, Riffe has great songs and I don't even know any of the names of them, but that's okay. This band is determined to be one that just might hit the radio waves someday. Based on their non-bullshit beliefs, they can really touch the heart in many ways. They sound a bit like modern hard rock in some spots too, and to tell you the truth, they sound better than most bands you hear on everyday radio stations. With being something new to my ears, I have listened to this 6 song EP a total of 10 times so far, and I enjoy it each time I hear it. This band is getting a 5/5 stars because of how progressive sounding in a lot of their music is. Riffe is a band that isn't one to be passed up and is a worth while experience that won't be forgotten. Until next time everyone, you know what to do: Keep the Underground ALIVE, keep supporting metal & most of all, KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/


Chris Polone- Vocals
Nathan Sparkman- Bassist
Mason Huffstickler- Drums
Brandon Sweets- Lead Guitars

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