Saturday, August 10, 2013


Back in 2006 is when this substantial Thrash Metal band was formed in the area of Charlotte North Carolina. This 4 piece band known as Final Curse dominates with riffs and beats that are hard as nails and vocals that will remind you of Destruction, Iced Earth and Sodom on many levels. The song Biltmore starts out with a very impressive acoustic guitar that is one to please anyone's ears greatly. With harmonizing guitar solos in this song, it just goes to show that Final Curse is out for blood and won't stop at anything until they're finished with what they have come to do. Final Curse has a previous album before this one of being their sophmore album. I'm a believer that this band is goin' for more than just one goal in life, and they are very talented musicians with brutal catchy riffs along with harmonizing guitar solos which brings out a killer amount of intensity along with diversity in their sound. If you like bands like Vader, Slayer, Destruction & Sodom, then Final Curse should be in your hands by now. This album Way of the Accursed gets a 5/5 stars based on their amazing talent. Plus by being signed to Dark Harvest Records, that's good for them!  So everyone, you know what to do. KEEP YOUR HORNS UP AND CONTINUE TO SUPPORT UNDERGROUND METAL AND HEADBANG!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Corruptor of Innocence
Replace God...Conceal The Beast
Rage Around Your Neck
Reaper of Justice
Ghost Bones
Is There No Hope?


Mike Plowman- Vocals/Guitar
Madison Stegall- Guitar/Vocals
Brendon Blackwelder- Drums
Fernie "Ferndog" Ortega- Bass

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