Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Coming from Evansville Indiana is where you'll find the mighty 5 piece Death Metal band, Blood Tribe. Suffocating vocals that are deep and brutal screams like Divine Empire & early Cannibal Corpse, guitar riffs and drum beats that will crush your bones and bash in your skull with endless superb sound and quality just like the legendary Decapitated. In some spots of their songs, they remind me of early Napalm Death as well. With being a band that stands out from some, this one is promising. If you're into bands like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death & Blood Red Throne, then you ought to get a hold of Repulse by Blood Tribe. Amazing chord progressions and great slides with what riffs they've created makes Blood Tribe really sick and astonishing. Blood Tribe is another band signed to Dark Harvest Records and shouldn't be passed up. A band this good will make your eardrums explode. However, I'm sure many bands do just that, but this one will do it much faster and better. So if you like the bands I've mentioned, you'll fall in love with Blood Tribe and you'll be happy you did. With all of that said everyone, this EP is getting a 5/5 stars. I highly recommend them to fans of any age and any metalhead that is out there looking for something NEW to check out. So, keep the Underground Music scene alive, support your local music scene, support metal period!! Also, most of all metalheads, KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:
Manipulated Society

A Scar For Every Sin
Force Fed Suffering
In Far Verona


Drew- Vocals

Tom- Guitars
Danny- Guitar
Matt- Bass
Clay- Drums

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