Friday, August 9, 2013


Here is a hard rock fused band along with the likes of straight up metal. Tearing it up all the way from Texas is this band known as First Turn. Their sound is like a combination of Thrice, Thursday & Matchbox Twenty to name a few. If you're into the bands mentioned, then you'll love First Turn and come to find out, the band is unsigned at this current time. I can definitely see this band getting on the Billboard charts someday possibly. First Turn will definitely be one band that can gain fans instantly based on their unique modern sound for hard rock. Some of the songs I had found to be their best are Lupita Chavez, Something To Believe & The First Night. I normally don't review bands that sound like some mainstream artists, but this band had made me feel good just by being themselves and they're awesome dudes to party with, and I am giving First Turn a 5/5 stars because of their originality and musicianship. This band some would think as "EMO," but on an honest opinion; they're NOT like that by any means. They are definitely a band that I consider to be really talented in a post hardcore kind of way. Well, as said before, it may not be Death Metal this time around, but if you're into hard rockin' metal, then this band will totally make you a believer that they're awesome. So everyone, until next time, keep those horns up!!!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:
Let Me Take a Look at You (Down There)
The Ashes of Us
Something to Believe
Thursday Morning
Make Believe
Ms. Walker
What is Bad
Lupita Chavez
The First Night
Pulling You Under

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Josh Hicks- Vocals/Guitar
Josh Murphy- Vocals/Guitar
Jerrod Kuhlman- Drums
Wayne Morris- Bass

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