Saturday, August 18, 2012


If you like symphonic death metal/ black metal like the sounds of Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir and early Behemoth, then this band is for you. Considering the fact that I don't listen to much
black metal anymore these days, I found that this album is phenomenal. 6 songs are on The Stranger. Filled with screams and haunting keyboard melodies, fierce drumming, blazing guitars and bass as well.
The Stranger features an awesome short, but sick bass solo in the song "Loneliness and Madness." Some of their music even sounds like some early Cradle of Filth. Very harmonic clean voices are another thing
in this band that you don't hear too much of these days in black metal. Based on how short this is, I got to say that you won't be disappointed if you like this style of music. The remastered version is a much smoother sounding album, than the promo because of the great production on the newer one. As far as a rating goes, I'll give Vekygach a 5/5 based on their musicianship, and catchy riffs. However, if you happen to be disappointed, then that's your own problem. Knowing how I am, I won't care to hear or read about it. Until next time metalheads around the globe, keep the horns up and keep extreme metal alive forever!!! Hails from the underground. This is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off now. \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

1) Landscapes of Oblivion
2) Loneliness and Madness
3) Subdued Wills
4) Desolation
5) The Stranger
6) Diffuse Memories

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