Saturday, August 11, 2012


This band is a little atmospheric, symphonic, brutal & a different breed
of death metal and a bit of doom metal as well from what I can hear in their music. Reminding me of early Lamb of God, Trivium & Soilwork to name a few. This band has a great sound. I would have to say my favorite song off of See is the fifth track called Stupid Manipulator. That one right there is a nut grabber for sure.Whoever produced this EP, did an amazing job. Filled with haunting keyboard sounds and loud slap booming bass, filling your ears with a twisty groove that can make you dance, then pit, then headbang, then pit and dance some more and back and forth. HA HA, but yes. This band is really good. Check them out on their Facebook page for more details. The 2nd Track starts off with an eerie intro, but after a short while it gets heavy again. I can see this band getting more brutal as time goes on. For the See EP, I give it a 5/5 stars based on originality, musicianship, and most of all how all their songs don't sound alike to the average listener of modern pop metal that sounds like Boy George on Methamphetamine. LMAO!! Anyhow, keep those horns up metalheads!!
This is EVILVENGEANCE666 Creator at Underground Noise signing off!  \m/-_-\m/ 

Track Listing:

1) Unnamed
2) Isolated
3) Blind Citizens
4) Human Epitaph
5) Stupid Manipulator
6) No More Fucking Love Songs


Francisco Arenas- Guitars/VocalsDaniel Callejas- Guitars
Oscar Arenas- Bass
Jorge Pinochet- Vocals
Matias Gonzalez- Drums

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