Saturday, August 18, 2012


Synodik, a kick ass 5 piece progressive death/doom metal band hailing all the way from the land of Italy. Awesome old school sounding growls, horrifying and melodic keyboard use, epic drumbeats, shredding guitars and at times a bit jazzy, very awesome clean vocals at times, amazing solos & bass that has a tone similar to Obscura. This band is currently unsigned and I really recommend them to ANYONE who is new to extreme metal or if you've been a lifelong fan, then CHECK THESE DUDES OUT!!! They'll leave you begging for more. Sequences For A New Matrix has definitely put a huge smile on my face; considering the fact of how amazing this band really is. Talk about crushingly killer talent. So far, I've spinned this disc 4 times since I got it yesterday in the mail. Thank you to Leandro of the band to send me this fine debut. For being a band that is unsigned, I've got to say that they deserve a major 5/5 stars. This band has proved that they have the ability to compose great songs and great music. If you're into bands such as Necrophagist, Obscura, Origin, Hour of Penance, Kataklysm & Fleshgod Apocalypse to name a few, this band will TEAR YOU APART!! All of these songs have beautiful music to them, and prove me if I'm wrong when I say that this is a MUST HAVE ALBUM, I dare y'all!! The 8th song called The Colour of Space reminds me of a Kataklysm type riff in the beginning. I LOVE IT!!! Anyhow, this is EVILVENGEANCE666 signing off for now metalheads, and always KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!!! \m/-_-\m/


Matteo Campanini- Vocals
Leandro Scottio- Lead Guitars, Keyboards
Alessio Serafino- Guitars
Edoardo Delucchi- Drums
Michele Lorefice- Bass

Track Listing:

1) He Came From the Sky
2) Purification From Insanity
3) City of Falling Rain
4) Speak to the Void
5) Sidereal Month
6) Headshot
7) Dehumanized
8) The Colour Out of Space
9) Sequences For A New Matrix

Contact: (Leandro) (Matteo)

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