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      I had the privelege of interviewing this band before, but this is an updated interview for the SE's new album coming out this year sometime. He had time to answer a few of my questions for the upcoming new release and I'm looking forward to writing up a wicked review for them once it's complete. This might be a 3 part interview or more, so stay tuned folks!

What brand of music gear does your band use?


Guitars: Jackson USA Select RR1, Jackson KBR, DR strings

Pedals. Boss tuner, Boss Graphic EQ, Ibanez delay/echo, ISP decimator, sonic stomp maximizer
Amp Head: Peavy JSX
Cabs: Marshall 1960 lead

Seymour Duncan pickups

Bass: Ibanez BTB with active Bartolini pickups and DR Marcus Miller Fat Wound strings Amp: SWR WorkingPro 700 head
Workingpro 1x15
Goliath III 4x10
DBX 266 xl compressor
DTR-1000 Digital Tuner
PDP-950 Power Conditioner

Vocals: (live) Shure beta58a

Pearl Masters Custom MMX in Midnight Burst w/ Black hardware
(10",12" mounted),(14",16" floor) Evans EC2 batter heads, Evans Genera Resonant
20" Kick x 2 Aquarian Super Kick 2 batter, Evan Inked heads front side
Pearl Joey Jordison Signature 13" w/ Evans Hybrid batter head - Evans Genera Resonant snare side
Pearl ICON 503 Rack w/ 11 cymbal arms
Pearl snare stand
Roc N Soc drum Throne
Sabian Cymbals
16" AAXplosion fast crash
16" AAXplosion crash
16" Vault
17" HHXplosion crash
8" HH splash
10" HH splash

Zildjian Cymbals
6" Zilbell
20" ZBT ride
20" Ping ride
13" New Beat High Hats
14" New Beat High Hats

Soultone Cymbals
16" Brilliant China
17" Extreme China
Axis A Longboards w/ Ekits x 2
Alesis DM5
Shure P6HW reciever
Shure SLC5 In ear monitors

Pro Mark- Ed Shaunessy signature sticks

How will this album be different than the previous one?

This album will be very different. Our choice of Recording Engineer has changed for one. We feel like our new guy, Davus, will approach the new project in such a way to make the process perfect. We will be taking a few months and tracking in 8 hour days on this album. Money isn't an issue on the upcoming recording which is really nice. We feel like the quality will not suffer the consequences of a limited budget, for we are getting a great deal on studio time. Overall, the new album will be much more dynamic in that we are carefully picking our processes. Every little thing is taken into consideration for this recording. Every mic, fresh strings, fresh drum heads, and basically just getting all possible maintenance taken care of so our instruments and equipment will be 100%. The songs themselves will be somewhat on the same page only much faster. Our last recording was a quite a bit slower than what we play live. We feel like our live response is great so we are going with what we do live to a T almost. Every possible aspect of the new album will be a giant leap in a better direction than the EP. We can't wait!

How many tracks will be on this recording and have you come up with a title for it yet?

There will be 10 tracks on this album. One of which will be an instrumental bit that Eric, our guitar player, wrote over the course of our writings. We do have a title for the album. It will be "Malice Of Your Maker".

Are there any songs on it you found difficult to write, or how is the song structure different than the previous EP?

Well, the song structures are always changing. No two songs for us are alike or influenced by previous songs. Timings, tempos, tunings, and lyrics are always changing around. If I had to pick a difficult song off of the album that we wrote I would say "Obscurity" is the one. I also find this song to be my favorite to this day. The thing that made this song more of a challenge to write was the timing changes. Just getting guitars and drums to gel together in our image of perfect took a while. But, nonetheless the song turned out amazing and I personally think many people will make a favorite out of it just as I did.

What do your lyrics represent?

Lots of the lyrics are horror/gore/death based. For instance "Infested" is about a plague of flesh eating virus. On one hand there are songs like that, on the other hand there are songs like "Obscurity" and "The Viral Burden".... Obscurity is a song I wrote lyrics for in a very metaphoric way explaining a lot of events in my life. That song was a way for me to kill a few demons and get a lot from my past off my chest. So with that being said, It has a very special place with me and will always. The Viral Burden is a song addressing the downfall of civilization, and how our procreation are really ruining shit for those to come. A lot of the mentality that the younger kids have seems to be very lazy and one-track minded. There are bigger fish to fry than Jersey Shore and Teen Mom in my book. This song isn't really meant to down-talk a generation. Just to be more of a wake up call to them. If you are younger, listen to this song, pick up a hammer and nails and learn to do something productive. The world will not just better itself. You younger ones need to make some changes I believe.

Part 2 coming soon.

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