Friday, January 6, 2012


The band Phlebotomized is an amazing atmospheirc experience which gives the listener an awesome feeling.
I have this and must say that it's such a great album because of how different it is from what I normally
listen to. The song above called Achin' is really ballad-like, yet the song calld I Lost My Cookies In The Disco is quite fierce with some cool growls. I must say Phlebotomized have a really cool sound to what their music is. For one, they aren't really well known, or maybe they are. I don't know, but what I do remember about them is this. One day while I was at the store where I took guitar lessons, I saw this on sale for $1.00 and looked at it, listened to it and didn't really like it at the time. I now have listened, and I really enjoy it. Maybe you should give it a listen if you want to hear something different than what you normally listen to. To me, being a freelance journalist that I am would have to say that Phlebotomized infuses the music styles of progressive, death metal & doom metal to make up their sound. They're worth a try. A must own if you don't have it by now, and they deserve a 5/5 stars for this being one of the rarest metal albums of all time.

Track listing:

1) Stoleshowsoul
2) Achin'
3) Sometimes
4) I Lost My Cookies In the Disco
5) I Hope You Know: Part 1- A Cry In July
6) I Hope You Know: Part 2- Never Lose Hope
7) I Hope You Know: Part 3- Imagine This
8) I Hope You Know: Part 4- Out To You

The lineup in the band during this album consisted of these members:

JORDY MIDDELBOSCH - rhythm guitars (L)
TOM PALMS - rhythm guitars (R) & lead guitars
LAWRENCE PAYNE - drums & vocals
BEN QUAK - synthesizers & piano
JARO STULRAJTER - bass & violins

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