Saturday, January 7, 2012


        This band hails from California and they're known as Fishing For Neptune. A mix of rock and funk makes up for their sound. With the amazing artist for death metal bands Tony Koehl is on drums, and this band tears it up! If you like Sublime, move on over. This band will blow your mind away! With killer grooves, funky bass lines and drums that are just dynamite will show you what funk rock is all about. Infusing the 2 is a great thing and I find this band to be a great one. I can imagine people rockin' out to this. Fishing For Neptune is a band that will surpass both great tunes and awesome artwork. This is differnet than what I normally listen to, but if given to the right person, it'll make their day. I must admit, this is great. I can sit here for hours listening to this. However, being the metalhead that I am, I give everything a chance and if I like it, I write up a review for it. Be on the lookout, their full-length album will be available soon. 5/5 stars for how this band is better than your average commercial radio rock which sucks. 

For more details, go to: for music, photos & upcoming shows.

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