Saturday, September 21, 2013


Here's the LATEST interview for Underground Noise. I'm very honored and excited to announce that Michael Smith former drummer of legendary band Suffocation is now in the band Synesis Absorption, and here to answer my questions. Without any further do, here it is!!

UN: What prompted you to become a musician?

MS: Most everyone in my family is heavily into music, in one form or another It's in my blood. I've always been surrounded by instruments and singing and all things involved. It was a natural path for me.

UN: What do you like best about being a drummer?

MS: Drummers are responsible for adding the different emotions to a song. With the beat you can direct the attention of the listeners to follow all else that is going on in the song. If you have flavor to do so, of course.

UN: Since you've departed from Suffocation, do you miss anything about being with them?

MS: I don't miss being with the individuals, I definitely felt held back with the progression of the band. The mentality was just old, and not aggressive enough to take advantage of the current industry. My goal is always to evolve and influence others to evolve. I miss being in the face of the fans, nothing else.

UN: Where has been your favorite place to perform and why?

MS: NY & Los Angeles. NY is my home and California is just metal all day and night.

UN: How did you get into Death Metal & Extreme Metal?

MS: I'm into all forms of music one way or another, but I chose to find the least understood and obscure form of music in order to stay constantly challenged and differ from mainstream music.

UN: What is your favorite type of drums to use?

MS: Properly tuned and maintained ones. It doesn't matter which brand, if all the pieces are there, I will play the same.

UN: Who are your most major influences, both personally and musically?

MS: My parents. They've housed every band I've played in and allowed us to create our craft to what it is today. Not many parents would do the same, especially Death Metal. Other than that I'm influenced by the skill level of the musicians in Jazz and Classical and the singing and the musical influence of the Motown era.

UN: Do you have a career besides music?

MS: Since I've left the touring life, by day I'm a Metal Fabricator. I weld and create shit the world needs and uses daily from raw steel. I'm a drum teacher, as well a hired studio drummer when I'm not at the day job.

UN: Any last words for Underground Noise?

MS: The music industry is on a steady decline....but the musicians will always remain and be the most important element. If we as musicians focus on getting back into just writing music, sharing, owning and raising the bar one song at a time, we will quickly find out that we didn't need the "industry". The musician will always speak the loudest. I've been busy working the platform for all of us. Musicians, check it out.

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