Sunday, March 17, 2013


If you can't headbang to the opening riffs in this 4 song DEMO, then there is something seriously wrong with you!!! Macerated, a 3 piece Death Metal/ Goregrind fan's dream come true. The vocals are very similar to Lust of Decay for the growls and the screams are like Serial Butcher & Origin, guitars are like Ingested & drums which will beat you to a pulp just like Deeds of Flesh. For being a DEMO, this band really has what it takes to show the listener just what they are capable of doing, and yes...they do it very damn well. Filled with brutal riffing, & extirpating most bands you've loved for years to come. The songs Beefsteak Bayonet & Turtlehead Buttplug are the ones I like best off of the DEMO. Perhaps you might feel the same way, but only one can tell what they like and don't like. So if you are looking for something to satisfy your hunger for extreme metal, then look no further, Macerated will crush you to pieces. With all that said, I give this DEMO a 5/5 stars based on their musicianship and originality and how they are a kick ass band. So metalheads, KEEP IT REAL!! KEEP IT METAL!! KEEP THE UNDERGROUND ALIVE!! ALWAYS KEEP THOSE HORNS UP!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

1) Beefsteak Bayonet
2) Fishnet Restraints & Wooden Dildos
3) Fetus Cannon
4) Turtlehead Buttplug


Matt- Vocals
Al- Drums
Andres- Guitar

Be sure to check them out on Facebook, they definitely could use some more support from NEW fans!!

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