Friday, February 6, 2015


Here comes yet another Extreme Metal band blasting from Chile known as Knell. These guys are talented in a lot of ways, and use an interesting, yet unique style of Death Metal, Metal & a Black Metal sound. In some spots they remind me of early Vomitory, and in others they remind me of Solace of Requiem. Knell will catch you off guard with their sound. It sucks that some South American Metal bands don't get enough credit. I must say though, I've reviewed a few bands from there and they are amazing. I really like Knell and I think anyone who likes this style of music would have to agree. The vocals are really barbaric, the guitars and bass shred hard & the drums are very clear and proficient. I recommend this to new listeners, because this band is one that will tear your flesh apart. The harmonies in the ending solo in Dead Eons is what makes it memorable to me. Catchy riffs in each song too. I've never in my life come across a band like this before. For instance, the song Machtenkrieg has very little clean vocals to blend into their sound. So folks, give Knell a chance. I'm giving this debut album Zero Hour a 9/10 stars. It's damn good. SO METALHEADS BOTH SISTERS AND BROTHERS, SUPPORT KNELL, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND METAL, SUPPORT SOUTH AMERICAN METAL FROM CHILE, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE, AND MOST OF ALL: KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

1. Zero Hour
2. Dead Eons
3. Machtenkrieg
4. Crimson Sky
5. El Descenso
6. Visions of Sacrifice
The Fall of The Light's Empire:
7. Chapter 1- Bright Lights
8. Chapter 2- The Fourth Planet


Luis Zapata: Guitars/Vocals
Mario Pino: Bass (Additional vocals on Zero Hour & Machtenkrieg)
Jefferson Cartagena: Guitar
Jorge Ovalle Lopez: Drums



Here is Knell and what they sound like. Enjoy everyone.

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