Sunday, August 3, 2014


California is well known for sick & demented bands like: Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth, Meat Shits & many others. Take the band Solitary Priapism and you'll find yourselves indulged to enjoy the Death/Grind like the sounds and likes of Lividity, Lust of Decay, Lord Gore, Skinless, Embalmer & Goratory. Slip into your jammies, crank the volume beyond eleven for shrieking screams and  vile gutturals for vocals, aggressive yet lusty bass & guitars with brutal chugs and sharp pinched harmonics. Drums which blast your brain out of your skull if it were a 12 gauge shotgun shot to the eyesocket! When the band released Terminal Exhibition, they didn't have a permanent bassist until they recruited bassist Shawn Ward to add more dimension and more driving sounding bass lines for their music. However, this album won't disappoint fans of the genre of music of which they portray to what they create. There aren't too many bands that stand out as much as these guys do.The music will put a hole in your head unless you already have one. Terminal Exhibition is getting a 9/10 stars. If you get this album, be prepared to shit your pants with intensity of high level music. In case you didn't know, they just did a show with Dying Fetus & Blasphemous Creation. Two bands that I'm familiar with! Metalheads: KEEP SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND, SUPPORT SOLITARY PRIAPISM, SUPPORT UNDERGROUND NOISE AND MOST OF ALL: KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Lack Of Restraint
Muntle Throbes
Gestation Of A Deformed Fetus By Forced Insemination
Sexual Seahorse
Poignant Meanderings
Bullet (Misfits cover)
American VD
Traumatic Insemination
Voluntary Manslaughter
Hold The Fucking Sandwich


Colt Cramer- Drums/Vocals
Shawn Ward- Bass
Nathan Phibbs- Guitar/Vocals
David Ko- Guitar



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