Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This show was fun, intense, and most of all: VERY ENTERTAINING!! We had the opportunity to meet Exhumed, Toxic Holocaust & Ramming Speed at a recent show in Albuquerque NM at The Launchpad. The show started around 7 or 7:30 with Ramming Speed opening. They had a pretty decent set and sounded a bit different than most metal I listen to, but I still enjoyed their performance. After they were done, Mammoth Grinder hit the stage and did their fair share of music as well. While they were doing so, I was able to talk with the drummer of Exhumed.  At the time I didn't realize it was Mike Hamilton whom I had met back on July 31, 2006 on  the Bloodletting America Tour 5. It was a surprise to both of us because we looked at photos of the Bloodletting tour. He was surprised at how young we both looked.  He also mentioned to me that he's still in Deeds of Flesh, but they don't tour anymore. I must say though, after 8 years, I never thought I would meet him again and it was good seeing him. I'm happy and glad my girlfriend could meet him as well as Joel Grind and Phil Zeller from Toxic Holocaust  as well. We also got to meet Blake Chuffskin, the bassist from Ramming Speed. It was great fun for all of us. The best photo of the evening is of Dennis, myself & Caleb wearing our Toxic Holocaust shirts. On another note and also the highlight of my night was doing backing vocals on Wild Dogs during Toxic Holocaust's performance. Joel himself gave me permission to do so. I will post the video below so y'all can view it. Exhumed was cool. I particularly enjoyed the decapitated mannequin head filled with fake guts that were thrown onto the crowd. Talk about an interesting yet killer stage performance! Even the chainsaw guy was entertaining. He's the guy doing the blow it out your nose in one of the pics above this show review. Another thing that was great about this show was Craig who was selling merchandise for Toxic Holocaust. He recognized me from a show back in 2006 on May 4th to be exact when Shadows Fall & Cephalic Carnage performed in Johnson City NY.  It was an awesome night for all 4 of us; Crystal, myself, Caleb & Dennis. I think the next show we all go to will be even MORE fun, maybe just as fun. All of the bands were great! Until next time metalheads, keep those horns high and support UNDERGROUND METAL & UNDERGROUND NOISE!!!! THIS IS YOUR FRIEND EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Here it is ladies & germs, enjoy! \m/-_-\m/
You can see me during the chorus of WILD DOGS!

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