Saturday, June 15, 2013


United By Hate...coming from Pittsburgh PA this band an infectious, aggressive, and merciless atrocity. These 5 badasses are ready for invasion of young and old listeners of the sheer terror extremes of some old school death metal sounding songs along with a little new school touch to them might I add. The title track Indulgence In Sacrilege comes off with an acoustic intro then just goes back into mortifying their astonishing molded sound. Screams like Vile, growls like Deeds of Flesh, Abominable Putridity & Devourment, guitars and bass riffs that have breakdowns along with some killer speed like Abominable Putridity and drums that clobber your skull in like the severe beating you were meant to have years ago. This whole album is a must have for those who like the suggested names I've mentioned as how it will grab the listeners by their faces and make them headbang. This album gets a 5/5 stars for how anti-God they are. Check them out metalheads, you'll want more and more. So, keep up those horns metalheads!!!! This is EVILVENGEANCE666, I'm out for now. Until next time \m/-_-\m/

Track Listing:

Witness At Golgotha
Lie of Creation
Indulgence in Sacrilege
Dissection of Christ
Demonic Angelicide


Sean Czambel- Vocals
Brandon Cousins- Bass & Vocals
Bob Hoberek- Rhythm Guitar
Cory Torcasi- Drums
Joe McElhaney- Lead Guitar

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