Tuesday, May 14, 2013


From their previous release "Gods of Gore," TTFA have majorly matured their sound in a very drastic way. Fans and listeners would have to agree about this album destroys Gods of Gore. Blazing guitars like Origin & Brain Drill in spots. TTFA blasts from Kansas. Jake is an amazing drummer and a friend of mine. This is a fine album. In some parts of this album, I have to agree with some who said it's hard to say who they sound like..but they do a damn good job. Pounding breakdowns that will shred your innards into meat.  The songs I find to be the most catchy are  Dead Religion & God's Blood Turned Black. However, this album is intensely great in its own merit. For being a band I have known about since I met Jake back when I lived in Kansas helps out a lot, I give the album a 5/5 stars based on originality and very awesome guys who have also shared the stage with a band known as Monstrosity back in 2009 which was awesome. So if you want a band that reminds you of early death metal with a new twist on it, then this band is up your alley. Until next time metalheads, keep it EXTREME AND KEEP YOUR HORNS UP!! \m/-_\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

1: God's Blood Turned Black
2: Father of Filth
3: ...The Dissection of Christ
4: Our Serpent Savior
5: Bashed in Prophets
6: Purgatorium (instrumental)
7: Dead Religion
8: Decapitated Disciples
9: Crucifixion Infection
10: Angels Decayed in Dust


Michael: Guitar & Vocals
Jeremy: Vocals
Nick: Guitar
Brandon: Bass
Jake: Drums


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