Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AEON- AEONS BLACK ALBUM REVIEW far one of the most underrated death metal bands ever. Coming all the way from Sweden, the band delivers another sick and amazing full length with Aeons Black. This shows that the band knows what they're capable of. Buy the fucking album. You'll be glad you did. For being the band that inspired me to get my first tattoo, I can tell just by listening to this that they have not only gotten stronger, but the technicality has definitely put on a new edge on the death metal scene since their beginning. Harmonizing solos that are literally insane! This is by far a must have if you're a fan of Aeon. I love the instrumental piano track "The Voice of the Accuser." I never thought I'd hear this band have something like that to offer, but the pinched harmonics in the next song called "I Wish You Death" have to be demonic. 8 days ago this album came out. I'm glad to own it. I give it a 5/5 stars regardless of what others may say, but this album tears the Hell out of anything they've ever created until now. GET THE FUCKING ALBUM! I HIGHLY FUCKING RECOMMEND IT!!!!! Remember metalheads, keep it real, keep it alive forever, hails to Aeon, hails to the underground and hails to death metal and extreme music!!! Keep those horns up!!!! \m/-_-\m/ EVILVENGEANCE666

Track Listing:

1) Still They Pray
2) The Glowing Hate
3) The Voice of the Accuser
4) I Wish You Death
5) Garden of Sin
6) Neptune the Mystic
7) Nothing Left To Destroy
8) Passage To Hell
9) Aeons Black
10) Dead Means Dead
11) Sacrificed
12) Aftermath
13) Blessed By the Priest
14) Maze of the Damned
15) Die By My Hands

 This is a picture of my first tattoo. I was inspired by them to do it, and yes...this IS how you do it Tommy. Cheers!!

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