Friday, October 26, 2012


I am VERY pleased to announce that this is a NEW interview with Alex Marquez. This is BIG because never did I think I'd be interviewing him, thankfully that dream came true. From Malevolent Creation and it is!

1) How many bands have you been in other than Antagonized and Malevolent Creation?

Aside from Malevolent and Antagonized I also played in Demolition Hammer, Solstice, Resurrection, Sargon and Anger.
2) Where has been your favorite place to perform LIVE?
Anywhere in Europe is always incredible.
3) Have you ever had any scary or embarrassing moments while on tour or onstage?
Threw up onstage once and lost a bet and had to play in underwear too.. that's about it.
4) What prompted you to make the music you make?
 I love of all things heavy bro. right now i have a grind band called LEAD SEDATIVE.. you're all gonna shit when you hear this.
5) Who are you influences, both musically and personally?
Gene Hoglan and Tommy Aldridge are my drumming influences. In life definitely my father.
6) Are there any bands you listen to currently?
Dude I'm listening to old Napalm Death these days and also a band called Warrick from Miami.
7) Do you feel as though the death metal nowadays is stronger than it has been since the birth of it?
 Actually most of the shit I hear now sucks dude.. why on earth does everything have to be 1,000 miles an hour?

8) What bands have you been on tour with that you liked the best?
Exhorder is my all time fave band we've toured with.

9) Any last words for Underground Noise?
Hails and horns to UNDERGROUND NOISE for this interview and please be on the lookout for LEAD SEDATIVE!!!!!!!! Thanks Al you rule dude!

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