Monday, July 2, 2012


This band blasts all the way from the country of Panama. Antagonized will blow your fucking mind! This album contains 10 tracks of amazing brutality. Antagonized does a VERY impressive cover of the Malevolent Creation song Coronation of Our Domain! When you're done listening to them, they will continue to punch you until your head is knocked off its shoulders. Anyhow, this band will seriously kick your ass! Antagonized to me is like a mix of thrash & death metal. The cover art is quite amusing. It appears as though a nude woman is being strangled by a demons' extra long dick. Antagonized will gut you alive and feed your remains to wild dogs! I didn't know Panama had a band this good. I wonder if there are any others from out there. They'll leave you annihilated, period! They're a force like a whiplash from a car accident and they might just leave you there with every bone in your body shattered. After that is done, they will skin you alive all the way from your feet to your hands. Antagonized deserves a 5/5 stars. I recommend thes badasses if you like bands such as: Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Kataklysm & Homicide. Horns up to these sick motherfuckers! This will be edited soon.

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