Sunday, April 15, 2012

HEXAGRAM- Legion de Apocalipsis EP REVIEW

             I've often heard that finding a rare gem is a good thing. That's what you get when you listen to this album by the band known as Hexagram.These 3 badasses come at you crushing like a guillotine all the way from the country of Chile. You might agree that this band is a strong force of Black Metal, Thrash Metal & Death Metal. Geared and guaranteed to shock you with how talented Hexagram is. Drums that attack & annihilate you like a motion sensor M16 with precision at an accurate moderately fast tempo at times, bass lines that are low and clear in clarity and groove so well together with the guitars that engulf you whole by offering you screaming solos as if it were a hyena in heat or dying and also badass rhythms that give you a swift kick in the ass!! Vocals that are dark and very guttural at times and the screaming sounds like Krisiun at times. Overall 4.75/5 stars because some of the drum beats sounded similar in their songs. For being a 6 song EP, I recommend you give them a listen if you like bands such as: Homicide, Iconoclast & Krisiun to name a few. Until next time fellow metalheads, later! Horns up and hails!!! EVILVENGEANCE666 \m/-_-\m/

Track listing: 
Maldicion en Nahueltoro 
L.H.J.D. Agonia eterna
Camino Infernal
Ambicion Sangrienta
Burlando la Muerte
Legion de Apocalipsis  

Members of the band include:
Patricio Gutierrez; bass
Andres Carvajal; drums
Alex Avendano; guitars/vocals                                              

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